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You can't master soccer. You need to have the body fitted where you are playing.

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Q: If you are 15 what things should you have already mastered in soccer?
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Should someone do things they are passionate about or things that are required of them to do I am good at soccer and good at studies too I want to play But my father wants me to study?

A person should do things they are passionate about rather than things that are required of them to do so if you are good at soccer and good at studies too and you want to play But your father wants you to study then you should do both but concentrate on soccer.

Why did kings ban soccer?

many kings banned soccer cuz they thought that boys should be practicing more important things. they thought that soccer was silly and a waste of time

What things in soccer the referee should know?

The referee of a soccer match needs to know everything about the game and to be prepared for anything that could be thrown at them.

Info about soccer?

soccer is about all sorts of things.

What are some tips I should use at a high school soccer tryoutand If I mess up 1 day out of the five do i still have a chance of making it?

your chances of making the team if you mess up 1 out of 5 days are not that bad. talk to your coach and ask what are your scores that you got on the tryouts. work on the things that you have not yet mastered with your free time. 20 minutes playing with a soccer ball in your yard can really help.

What does inspiration mean in the Olympics?

It means that people should do things with the skill the already have

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What kind things you need to play soccer?

For soccer you will need soccer cleats, long socks, and shorts about the length of basketball shorts, a jersey which your team should provide, shin pads, and a normal tee shirt

What are the things soccer players should do from monday to Sunday?

Train, eat healthy, get good rest, stretch, etc.

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Soccer has changed because the things they wear and the football style.

What things do you need for soccer?

Sometimes you can just wear a short with a shirt and play a normal football [soccer] match. I think you should not wear trousers for matches because it could get durty. But if you are playing a match in a football team wear a football [soccer] shirt,long socks,shimpads,football[soccer] shoes and shorts.

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Things which are required are Knee pad Gloves (for goal keeper) Spike shoes A proper soccer ball These are the main things Jersey

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