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you should have another immediately to help populate this planet

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Q: If you've just delivered a baby how long should you wait before having another baby?
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Mail should be delivered on Sundays.

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There should be no problem flying before having carpal tunnel syndrome surgery.

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You should consider whether a company is stable before investing in it. You should also consider what you will lose before investing in another company.

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They should be at least one year old before you start breeding with them.

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Parnets should be together for maybe two years before having children but if they are ready to have children then they should and when i say ready i mean a steady job good income and a house.

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A thank you note would be more than enough.

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NO NO Guinea pigs should not be bred so dont do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

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not unless you are married and have a sturty job and home you should think about the things you can do in life first before having another baby....another baby can be an extreme responsibility at 20....I would just sugest waiting and giving you time to be you....after having kids you cant go back to living free no stress and you time now you'll have to be responsible for two more lives.

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There are too many unwanted kittens in this world. If you do not know the answer to this then you should not be breeding.

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You are able to check stores' websites that may be having deals on mattresses. You are able to check the pricing and what mattresses they have to offer. Before buying anything I recommend going to that store and checking that mattress out and checking out how much it is to be delivered, etc.

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