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Q: If there are 12 teams in a basketball tournament and each team must play every other team in the eliminations how many rlimination games will there be?
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How many NCAAM championships have there been in basketball?

First NCAA tournament was held in 1939. The tournament has been held every year since. As of 2013 there have been 74 championships.

What are the names of important basketball tournaments?

The first and most well known major basketball tournament is the NBA Playoffs. In college, it is a 64 team tournament known as March Madness. There is also a tournament every four years in the Olympic Games. There is also the NIT tournament in college, and FIBA Tournament in international play.

What is March Madness?

== == March Madness is where NCAA basketball teams have a single elimination tournament to crown the number one team.

What does NIT stand for in basketball?

Non Important Teams. NIT. Teams such as the University of Michigan attend this tournament if they're lucky. It's the little brother of the big dance (NCAA Tournament every March)

How much money do schools get for playing in the NCAA men's basketball tournament?

More than they need they make around 3 million every time they play

In the March Madness Basketball tournament Who ranks or seeds the team?

There is a committee every year, which looks at every team in Divison I, with specific members looking at specfic confrences. Then as the NCAA's approach, they meet and decide the fate of the teams.

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Since the inception of the Big 10 Men's Basketball Tournament what is the only school to advance to the Semi-Finals every year?

Indiana I know Indiana is incorrect. They lost in the Quarter finals this year, 2005.

Which team has played in every tournament?


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What are the working conditions in the NBA?

They play basketball in a basketball court for your information.

Which is the only country to have played in every soccer tournament?

It is not possible for one country to play in every soccer tournament, For instance Brazil or America are not eligible to play in the European championship.