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If the QB fumbles the ball out of his own end zone it is a safety.

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2008-08-30 06:30:06
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Q: If the quarterback fumbles the ball out of the back of the end zone what is the call?
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What do you call the player who most often runs with the ball?

A quarterback.

Why do they call it a quarterback?

From Wikipedia: "The term quarterback has its origin in Scottish Rugby, wherein backfield players, according to their customary distance behind the forwards, were designated 'quarter back' (i.e. ¼ of the way back), 'halfback', and 'fullback'."

Why does the back of your eye ball hurt?

call 9 11 they are not supose to

Does the president call the super bowl winning quarterback?

Some Presidents may call the Super Bowl winning quarterback but not all do.

Does this sentence contain a metaphor 'The quarterback threw the ball a mile.'?

We can assume that the quarterback didn't really throw the ball a mile, he just threw it a great distance, and it is an exaggeration to call that distance a mile, and that qualifies as a metaphor. Of course, there are also various science fiction and fantasy contexts in which that statement could be meant literally.

Why is sacking the quarterback called roughing the quarterback?

Sacking the quarterback is not, by definition, roughing the passer. A sack occurs when a defensive player tackles the quarterback when he is behind the line of scrimmage. Defensive players are also credited with a sack when they force a quarterback to run out of bounds while still behind the line of scrimmage. Roughing the Passer is a penalty call. Roughing the Passer occurs when the quarterback is stuck by a defensive player after releasing the ball or when a quarterback is struck in the head/neck region by a defensive player. So a defensive player can be called for roughing the passer while sacking the quarterback if he hits them after the q.b. has released the ball or if he hits the q.b. in the head/neck region during the tackle.

What are some rules for football?

Football has many rules such as:you have to hike the ball in a certain amount of time after the ref blows the first whistle or it's a delay of gameone you put your hand on the ground when your on offense and the quarterback says down you cant move on the offense or it's a false startwhen you're on defense or offense you can not be in front of the ball when it is snapped or it will be an off sides call on the defense or the offensewhen you're on defense or offense you can not grab another player by the face-mask or it is a face-mask call on the defense or the offensewhen the quarterback is throwing the ball and the ball is about to hit the receiver in the hands and you hit the receiver before it hits his/her hands then it's a pass interference callwhen the quarterback has already handed the ball or thrown the ball you can not hit the quarterback unless you are one step away otherwise it will be a late hit call, same goes for when the play is over and you hit another playerwhen you are on defense you can not hit the offensive lineman when the ball has not been snapped yet or it will be an encroachment call on the defenseThere are more rules to football than this but these are just a few.

Can a nfl head coach call a play directly to the qb by radio into the qb helmet?

Yes, that's the point of having a radio headset in the quarterback's helmet.(The quarterback cannot communicate back to the coach, by the way.)

If the quarterback steps out of bounds at the back of the end zone what is the call?

Safety. 2 points awarded to the other team, and they receive a free kick.

Who can call timeout in a college football team?

the quarterback

What are the rules of a home run for it to count?

it has to be a fair ball, and go over the fence. if a fan reaches over the fence and catches the ball, the umpires can call it back. If you had some violation such as being out of the box when you hit the ball or if you had two much pine tar on your bat, the umpires can call that back as well.

Will Dragon Ball Z come back in America?

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