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Nothing. It just means that the puck is behind the opposing team's net. There is space between the net and the boards unlike a soccer field.

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Q: If the puck is in the attacking zone past the other teams goal net what dose this mean?
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Does GK defend the other teams goal?

A goal-keeper defends their own teams goal not the opposition's !

What is the goal of hockey?

to defend your goal and to score on the other teams goal

How far is it from one teams goal line to the other teams goal line?

100 yards

What is goal-kick in soccer?

It is when the attacking team kicks the ball over the other teams end line, and usually the goalie takes a kick from the corner of the six yard box.

Were do peopele eg goal shooters stand in netball?

GS-Goal circle GK-Goal circle WA-behind the line closest to their attacking circle WD-Next to the other teams WA[Their defensive end] GA-Behind the line closest to their attacking circle GD-Next to the GA[Their defensive end] C-The small circle in the centre third[middle third]

What is a goal keepers qualities?

The goal keepers qualities are to keep the other teams ball from coming into the goal.

What was a goal of President Truman in ordering research of the hydrogen bomb?

The goal was to discourage the Soviet Union from attacking free nations.

How do you score in a game of rugby?

A ball is placed down with hand pressure by a attacking player on the opposing try line or in the goal area to score a try. Then the attacking team can attempt to convert the try by kicking the ball over the opposing teams goal cross bar. A penalty kick can be awarded and again the ball is kicked over the cross bar of the opposing teams goal posts a drop kick where a player will drop the ball to the ground and as it makes contact with the ground the player kicks the ball over the opposing teams cross bar. A penalty try. Where an attacking team is scrummaging within reach of the opposing goal line and the opposing team commits a number of penalty offenses the referee may award a penalty try to the attacking team

How to describe the rule of offside in netball?

offside is where a player steps into a space on the court where they are not allowed. eg. Centre goes into the goal circle, Goal Shooter steps into the middle- third, Goal Defence goes into their teams' attacking third and so on.

What is an attacking zone?

An attacking zone is the area on an ice hockey pitch between the blue line of the other team's side of the rink and the end board behind the other team's goal.

What is the main idea about soccer?

To get the ball in the other teams goal net, while defending your own goal net.

What does WA and WD do in netball?

Basically Wing Attack marks the other teams Wing Defence and Vice verse for the Wing Defence. If you're wondering where they are allowed on the netball court, imagine you are the wing attack. You are allowed in the centre third (same applies for wing defence) and you're attacking third (the way you are shooting). If you are playing wing defence you are not allowed in the attacking third, so you are defending the other teams goal. (The wings aren't allowed in the semicircles either).

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