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If the pool is drained by mistake and the liner has floated, make sure to keep the liner wet. This will prevent it from possible shrinkage.

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Q: If the pool is drained by mistake and the liner has floated what can be done to repair?
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How long can a vinyl pool liner stay drained?


Can creases in the pool liner be caused by alkalinity problems?

They are caused by subsurface water. At sometime your liner floated and then went back down. You should check your drainage.

How long can an above ground pool remain completely drained?

An above ground pool if it's a doughboy type cannot remained drained as the liner shrinks and requires a replacement as the sun and elements shrink it if it docent have a liner and is a super splash it can remained drained a little loge

Where can you get the liner in your leather jacket replaced?

A good leather repair shop will replace the liner of a leather jacket. A tailor also has the tools and skills necessary to make the repair.

Can you use cement to repair in ground pools that have a vinyl liner?


Can PVC glue be used to repair a vinyl pool liner?

NO! You want to use a glue specifically designed for underwater vinyl liner repair. It can be purchased at most pool supply stores.

How can you find above ground pool repair in your area that installs liner?

google above ground pool repair

How can you stop water pockets from forming behind the liner of your inground pool?

1. determine where your pool is leaking (liner or plumbing) and repair.

Repair Truck Bed Liner?

form_title=Repair Truck Bed Liner form_header=Keeping your bed liner intact is important to it's overall quality. What type of bedliner is installed?=_ Please describe the nature of the damage?="" What types of hauling is usually done with this truck?=_

I just drained my pool to repair the fiberglass liner that had begun cracking. It looks like really hard asphalt underneath. Is that possible?

I doubt it, Gunite is normally used in swimming pool structures and it could very well look like asphalt

Is there any products to use to prolong the life of my pool liner?

There are a number of products you can use to prolong the life of your pool. You could install a wall foam between your pool wall and the liner to keep a smooth surface next to your liner to help prevent punctures. You could purchase a liner pad or pool padding for the bottom of your pool. And you can invest in vinyl liner repair kits to repair the small punctures and prolong the life of your liner.

Is there a way to repair a floating liner yourself?

There probably is, but I have no idea what you're asking about.

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