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Yes. Once the ball touches an opposing (defence) player or an eligible receiver first, the "eligible receiver" rule no longer applies.

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Q: If the offense passes the ball and is tipped by a receiver first can the offensive lineman catch the ball and run?
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What do linemen in football do?

Offensive Lineman are in charge of blocking for the quarterback so he won't get sacked. Or for the running back or fullback so they won't get tackled in the backfield.Defensive Lineman are in charge of avoiding a block from the offense to make a play in the back field in regards to a sack or tackle for a loss. Some can pick off passes-which means to intercept it.

Can lineman run the ball in the NFL?

Yes, but they can not receive forward passes

What does the receiver do in football?

goes out for passes

What is a flanker in football?

A player who catches passes. In an offensive formation, he usually lines up outside the tight end, off the line of scrimmage. Also Known As: receiver.

What NFL receiver dropped the most passes?

Terrel Owens

How many passes did NFL receiver Lance Moore drop in 2007 NFL season?

17 passes

How many offensive players can go out for passes?

Not including the Quarterback, though he is eligible, a maximum of 5 players may be eligible to receive a pass as long as they are not "covered up" by another receiver.

Can linemen block down field on passes behind line of scrimmage?

Only on a forward pass must the lineman stay and block on the line of scrimmage. typically on a Wr screen the lineman are up field

What NFL receiver was 2nd in drop passes in 2007?

braylon Edwards

What receiver has thrown the most touchdown passes?

Antwan Randell El

What NFL receiver dropped the most passes in 2004?

too many

What is a player that usually catches passes in football?

a wide receiver or tightend

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