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It would be the same because they line you up further ahead the more outside you get in the starting line to make up for the difference.

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Q: If the inside lane of a 400 meter running track is 100 meters what would be the measurement of the outside lane on a six lane track?
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How long was the 2008 olympic running track?

A stardard olympic running track is 400 meters from the inside lane, 500 meters from the outside lane.

How do you measure 300 meters on a running track?

The same way you measure it on the flat - with a distance-measuring wheel that clicks for every X meters. As for where to measure (as in the inside track is shorter than the outside), I'm not sure

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What is the difference in meters between the inside lane of an athletics track and the outside lane?

There is a significant amount of difference that can determine a race. There is about 50 meters difference if you run a lap on the inside, and one on the outside. This is why for distance runners they yearn to get the first lane.

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