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In the sport I play it is the home side that is listed first (Team A)

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Team a vs. team b means team a is home.

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Q: If team a vs. team b which team is the home team?
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Team A vs Team B who is home team?

A team is the home team.

Who is home team in A versus B?

team A. A vs. B designates A as the home team. A at B designates B as the home team. Example, an NFL schedule for a specific team. at Green Bay vs. Kansas City vs. Denver at Oakland

What does vs mean in sports?

It is short for 'versus' which is Latin for 'against'. So that A vs B means A against B.It implies that the team is playing at home. When the team is playing on the road, they are said to be "at" the other team: Home Team vs. Road Team. Road Team @ Home Team.

How many games are played in a 5 team round-robin tournament?

10 games. Using Team A, B, C, D and E. Each team would play 4 games. A vs B, A vs C, A vs D, A vs E B vs C, B vs D, B vs E C vs D, C vs E D vs E

What team is home when using vs?

It would be the team after vs. For example, if it says Pittsburgh Steelers versus (vs) the Dallas Cowboys, the Cowboys are the home team.

How is super bowl home team vs visitor decided?

AFC team is home team in even number years, NFC team is the home team in odd number years.

Who was home team for mich st vs butler game?

butler is in Indy so there at home

Is it home vs visitor or visitor vs home?

Visitor vs home

Who is home team of Oklahoma vs Florida national championship game?

Oklahoma is the home team and will wear Red, Florida is suck.. i mean the visitors and wear white.

How do you set up a bowling league schedule for 10 teams?

The USBC has already done all the work for you. If you check out their site, they have formats for every combination. Just select the number of weeks that you need. See link below for more information. How long is the season? 8weeks Use position rounds as fillers. {| |- | Team# Team# Week 1 1 vs 10 2 vs 9 3 vs 8 4 vs 7 5 vs 6 Team# Team# Week 2 1 vs 9 10 vs 8 2 vs 7 3 vs 6 4 vs 5 Team# Team# Week 3 1 vs 8 9 vs 7 10 vs 6 2 vs 5 3 vs 4 Team# Team# Week 4 1 vs 7 8 vs 6 9 vs 5 10 vs 4 2 vs 3 Team# Team# Week 5 1 vs 6 7 vs 5 8 vs 4 9 vs 3 10 vs 2 Team# Team# Week 6 1 vs 5 6 vs 4 7 vs 3 8 vs 2 9 vs 10 Team# Team# Week 7 1 vs 4 5 vs 3 6 vs 2 7 vs 10 8 vs 9 Team# Team# Week 8 1 vs 3 4 vs 2 5 vs 10 6 vs 9 7 vs 8 Team# Team# Week 9 1 vs 2 3 vs 10 4 vs 9 5 vs 8 6 vs 7 |}

How many games in the group stages of the Champions League?

There are 4 teams per group - each team has to play other teams twice so that means there are 6 games per team. 6x4 / 2 (Each game has 2 teams playing) = 12 games total.Or there are 6 game nights per group with each night featuring 2 games (all 4 teams playing) : 6 x 2= 121) A vs B2) C vs D3) B vs C4) D vs A5) A vs C6) B vs D7) C vs A8) D vs B9) C vs B10) A vs D11) B vs A12) D vs C

How are home and away matches decided in seminfinals stage of UCL ie who plays home first?

It is decided on the order of the draw. For ex- If Team A is drawn first, and then Team B, then Team A will play at home first.

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