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Q: If someone kicks you in the tibia where has their foot landed?
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What is The junction of the foot bones and the tibia?

The tibia attaches to the largest tarsal of the foot, the calcaneous bone, also known as the heel bone.

What a trapping in soccer?

it's when someone kicks the ball to you and you put your foot on top of it to stop it from moving

What is the name of the bone from your knee to your foot?


What is sloo foot?

A Sloo Foot is when someone kicks the back of another players skate in ice hockey to trip them, without the referees catching it.

Which of Newton's laws of motion happends when someone kicks a car and sprained there foot?

Newtons 3rd law :)

Parts of the horses foot?

fenal, tibia, and the femus

What is the name of the foot that joins with the tibia and fibula?


What is the name of the bone if the foot that joins with the tibia and fibula?


What if someone was touching someones foot when someone was talking and he or she kicks them?

DOnt worry! it would surely be an accident...i hope! x so sorry couldn't answer it better!

What is the name of the bone of the foot that joins the tibia and fibula?

The Talus bone articulates with the Tibia, and Fibula.

Where is the tarsus in the body?

the area in the foot between the tibia fibula and metatarsals

is the ankle a part of the foot?

No, the Tibia is part of the knee, located next to the Fibula.