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Yes, a low pressure hose. A high pressure hose has a very small diameter opening since it is just used to measure pressure and it is not performing any work. A low pressure hose is used to perform work and has a larger diameter opening so air can move through it.

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Q: If punctured which hose would empty a scuba tank at a faster rate high pressure hose or low pressure hose?
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What is Weight of steel 100 scuba tank?

The empty weight of a 100 cubic foot steel SCUBA tank is approximately 33lbs.

How much does and aluminum 60 scuba tank weigh?

about 32 pounds empty

Why does your scuba tank not get crushed if it is empty?

a scuba tank is very thick, and so it wont be used if empty the valve remains to be closed, not allowing any air to excape, disallowing to be crushed. if the air cant leave the tank it wont crush.

How would the pressure inside a scuba tank filled with gas change if the tank were heated?

The pressure will increase

What partial pressure of oxygen is a scuba diver breathing if the total pressure is 6.3 ATM and 20 percent of the air is oxygen?

The answer to the question what partial pressure of oxygen is a scuba diver breathing if the total pressure is 6.3 atm and 20 % of the air is oxygen is 1.26 atm (atmospheres).

What do scuba divers use to tell how far down they are?

scuba divers use pressure meter because the deeper down you go the more pressure builds upAdditiona depth gauge or a dive computer

How do scuba divers protect themselves from the damaging effects of pressure?

Equalising, to stop bleeding out of the ears. Whole scuba suits to ease mobility.

Does atmospheric pressure have any effect on the oxygen level in the scuba tank?

No, only when it is released into the atmosphere at the ambient pressure.

Why should you not store a scuba tank in a car during summer months?

scuba tanks are under a lot of pressure, when particles are heated up, they expand and the pressure builds. if the pressure builds to the point of rupture then shrapnel will mess your car up... and if your in it, it will mess you up very bad!

When filling a scuba tank from a high pressure reservoir the air goes from a high pressure reservoir to a low pressure reservoir so the air expands into the scuba tank. Shouldnt this cool the tank?

Think on it a bit closer: -- The expansion is happening in the high-pressure reservoir, as some of the air leaves and the rest expands to fill the volume. So you'd expect the supply tank to cool as it empties. -- The compression is happening in the SCUBA tank, where you're continuously stuffing more and more air into the same volume. So you expect the SCUBA tank to warm as it fills.

What are the advantages of submersibles over scuba gear?

One of the major advantage of personal submersibles over scuba gear is you can't feel the changing pressure while ascending and descending.

What does psi mean in scuba diving?

the amount of air in the tank per square inch. (p.s.i.)Improve answerPounds per Square Inch - so the amount of pressure exerted on the tank by the air under pressure in the cylinder of the scuba diver. The more pressure, the more compressed the air so the greater the volume of air compressed within the cylinder.for more on scuba diving, including equipment see the related link: