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No. Many people believe that pom-poms should have a "plural-plural." But, "pom-poms" is the same, whether it is one set or a hundred sets. If there are two or more pom-poms its just pom-poms.

As a comparison, it would be like asking if one dog is a dog should two dogs be referred to as dog dog.

Also, the singular of pom-pom is pom-pom. It comes from the French word pompon. Although some people will tell you that the singular is just "pom," this is not true. You can have one pom-pom, or many pom-poms.

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No they r just called pom poms u stupid! P.S. You got that from a Hannah Montana episode!!!!!!!

Not sure....but I know you can BUY pom-poms at XO Sports 866.496.4327 TEAM SALES AND FACTORY DIRECT!

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Q: If one pom pom is a pom pom does that make two pom poms pom pom pom pom?
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Pom poms can be classified as two things. They can be two balls of strips of fabric used by cheerleaders or they can be little fuzzy balls used in Arts and Crafts.

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What are POMS codes?

Pom poms can be classified as two things. They can be two balls of strips of fabric used by cheerleaders or they can be little fuzzy balls used in arts and crafts.

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I've never heard of A and D poms, but I'm assuming you mean youth and adult sizes. The amount of string threads is different between the two along with the type of handle that is used. Call XO Sports 866.496.4327....their staff is awesome and they can tell you a lot more about your needs!

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Creating Halloween Candy Bugs?

This Halloween, you might want to try creating cute candy favors for your child's class at school. If so, you should think about making candy bugs. There is no need to worry as you do not need to have a lot of skill in order to make these simple Halloween party favors. To start, you will need wrapped candy like a peanut butter cup or a mint patty. You can use other types of candy too if you want. Purchase enough candy for each child to have at least one candy bug. To finish making the candy bugs, you will also need some craft supplies including a hot glue gun, craft eyes, small pom poms for the bug's nose, and pipe cleaners. You can make your candy bugs as colorful as you wish by purchasing multi-colored pop poms and pipe cleaners, or you may wish to just use black and orange. Using the hot glue gun, glue a pom pom on the piece of candy where you would imagine that a nose would go. Then, glue two eyes above the pom pom. After you have done this, you can glue pipe cleaners onto the candy to look like legs. You may want to create a four legged bug or even an eight legged bug. Depending upon the size of the candy bug body and the length of the pipe cleaners, you may need to cut the cleaners. This can easily be done using a scissors. Bend the pipe cleaners at the bottom to make feet. You can use more pipe cleaners to create antennae above the eyes of the candy bug. Curl the antennae if you want or let them straight. Creating the candy bugs should be relatively simple and quick to do. If possible, you may want to enlist your children's help to make the candy bugs. But be forewarned, you may need to watch them to make sure that the Halloween candy doesn't end up being eaten instead of transformed into Halloween candy bugs!

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