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Square sails are not truly square but rectangular with a longer long side on the bottom perimeter of the sail. They were and are referred to as "four-cornered" sails.

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Q: If lateen sails were triangular what were the square sails called in medieval times?
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Lateen sails were triangular these sails were square?

Trapezoidal, actually. But the square sails were called square sails. Lateen or square could be referred to as yards.

If lateen sails were triangular which type of sails were square?

They were referred to as "four-cornered" sails.

What is the main advantage of triangular lateen-rigged sails over square-rigged sails?

I'm not an expert, but I believe you can sail closer to the wind with a lateen-rigged sail than with square sails.

Why was the triangular lateen sail an improvment over the old square-rigged sail?

The lateen sail was used at the same time a square sail was used, but has different uses. The square sail is fine if you have a heavy boat and always fiind a wind that is blowing in the direction you want to go. Under such conditions, a lateen sail isn't much of an improvement. It was only once boats were made lighter (to faster get from the Atlantic to the Orient) that the triangular sails were an advantage. Also, if the wind is often blowing sideways to the way you want to go, a square sail, even if angled, doesn't work as well as a lateen sail. A triangular sail actually has a bit of lift to it so you can point your boat closer to the eye of the wind and still sail. This makes it ideal for sailing in and out of harbors and along the coasts. So small boats orginated the lateen sail for dexterity.

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