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Orlando Magic get home court advantage due to better record

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Q: If lakers and magic play who would have home court advantage?
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What if the Clippers and Lakers were in the playoffs and had to play each other?

Then they would play each other. The court would change from the Clipper's court to the Laker's court each game and vice versa. Due to the intense popularity of the Lakers, both courts would technically be a home-court advantage for them.

If the Lakers and Detroit play in the finals which team gets home court advantage?

Detroits out. But if they made it, Detroit would get it. They won more season games.

What is the best basket team?

Harlem globetrotters hands downOrlando Magic. but, the Lakers are extremely good as well but Magic all day! And they always come hard!historically- Boston celticsJan 4,10- los angeles lakersOrlando magic is not goodI think the top 3 are bostin celtics lakers cavaliersThe Best team changes each year. Personally I would say lakers!The Best team changes each year. Personally I would say lakers!

Who do you think is going to win the playoffs Celtics suns lakers or magic?

Magic can comeback but they need to play good defense in order to get good offense Lakers can go to the championship but without Kobe the lakers would lose Suns there good but they don't play defense that's why they might lose Celtics are being dominant but magic will come back and go to the championship and take their title from last year. Magic all the way Magic is #1

WHO is the 2009 NBA champions?

That would be the Los Angelos Lakers who defeated the Orlando Magic 4 games to 1

Who will win the series LA Lakers or Orlando Magic?

La Lakers, though would like to see my team Orlando win. Think the Lakers will have too many "go to" guys inside, plus Howard will NOT be as dominant against Gasol, Bynum and f dem lakers seewoop westside

Which NBA team is better in NBA history lakers or magics?

They are both good, the Magic have great players in Dwight Howard, Vince Carter, and Jameer Nelson and the Lakers have great players in Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and Ron Artist. Most likely they will lose to the Bulls, Celtics or Heat before they get to play the Lakers. I would say the Lakers are better because they almost swept the Magic back in 2009. (There last tournament appearance)

Who would win heats vs lakers?

lakers !

What LA Lakers player might have played for Chicago if the Bulls had called tails in a 1979 NBA coin toss?

That player would have been Magic Johnson.

Lakers or magics would win the finals?

lakers in 6

Who do you think would win the heats or the lakers?

Defiantly the Lakers

How old was Kobe when he won his 2009 title?

Kobe was born born August 23, 1978. The Lakers closed out the Orlando Magic on June 14, 2009. So Kobe would have been 30 years old; 2 months shy of his 31st birthday. Go Lakers.