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West Ham

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Q: If i say gunner for arsenal what is for hammers?
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How do you become a arsenal gunner junior?


Which current gunner joined arsenal from cannes?

It is Cliché.

What does arsenal football badge mean?

arsenal means lots of weapons , they are called the gunners for that so they have a gunner on there badge , simple as .

How can you be an arsenal mascot?

Become a junior gunner (look on and then you will get the chance to be one.

Arsenal to man city to west ham to everton to arsenal to Aston villa to man utd to spurs to leeds who are you?

I'm d gunner d arsenal fan..........

Why are arsenal football club called the gunners?

In the early days of the FA, Arsenal were playing at, or had an association with Woolwich Arsenal who manufactured guns and ammunition. Hence The Gunners. Ken PS. I was a real gunner in the Royal Artillery!

How do you say gunner in Slovakia?

It is strelec.

How can you be a member of arsenal?

go to the website and get information in being a junior gunner or you can get silver brownze gold or premium mebership

In German how do you say I support arsenal?

Ich unterstütze arsenal.In relation to football, you could say Ich bin Arsenal Fan.

What is better chopper gunner or ac-130?

I would say chopper gunner, because it has infinite ammo unlike the AC-130 it has to shoot then reload.

What types of hammers are there?

There are many types of hammers for different uses. There are ball point hammers, claw hammers, sledge hammers, club hammers, mallets, and other assorted types.

How tall is Gunner Wright?

Gunner Wright is 6'.

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