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sure you can use them for lifting.

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Q: If have 180 inch wrist wraps for boxing can you use them for lifting weights?
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When can you lift weights after wrist surgery?

Check with your doctor to see when you are in good shape for lifting weights, your wrist must fully heal and strengthen before doing exercises.

Will body weights wrist and fot weights improve your kicking or boxing speed if so how do you train so you dont damage your body?

Probably. It depends on the weight and how much you use the weights.

Wrap your hand boxing?

To wrap hands for boxing, many people use reusable specialized wraps. Medical tape can also be used, and wrapped around the hand, wrist, and between fingers.

Can lifting heavier weights lead to wrist pains?

The weights can definitely be a factor. But if you are doing other lifting activates those could also cause it. You should definitely see if moderating when lifting works. And maybe move down a few pounds and then work your way back up.

Will body weights fot and wrist weights enhance your body speed will body weights help you kick faster for Tae Kwon Do or hit faster for boxing if so how do you train with them correctly?

Most likely, yes. Wear them for everyday activities, but also practice your kicking and punching with them on often.

Will body weights wrist and for weights improve your body speed?

Yes It could it depends on how much effort you put into it

What are wrist weights used for?

Wrist weights are used for building muscle and toning the upper body. Specifically, they help individuals keep their hands free to do other tasks, while still providing the benefit of a workout.

Were can I buy GYM and Fitness gear like wrist wraps etc in London England?

Any good sports shop.

How do you make a sprained palm cast?

It would be cheaper just to go to the pharmacy and buy one - they make wrist and hand splints and wraps.

Could you lift weights while suffering from wrist tendonitis?

better off swimming till wrists feel better and do pushing exercises with weights istead of pulling exercises

Is it bad to lift weights if you have carpal tunnel?

Yes, because it will worsen the situation. Wear a hand and wrist support.

What are the advantages of using weighted training vests?

I believe that the benefits are similar to the ankle weights or wrist weights some users wear. The weighted training vests add resistance and leave your hands free to still use other weights or machines in the gym.