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A goalkeeper is considered to be in control of the ball when...

...the ball is between the hands or between the hand and any surface (e.g. ground, own body)

...holding the ball in the outstretched open hand

...bouncing it on the ground or throwing it in the air

A goalkeeper cannot be challenged for the ball even when in the process of throwing or punting it.

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It is not allowed for a goal keeper to take possession of the ball with his hands if it has been deliberately kicked to him from the feet of a team-mate. To do so is an indirect free kick offense.

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Q: If goalkeeper holds ball can a player head it from his hands?
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A kick by the goalkeeper who holds the ball in his hands?

If the keeper drops the ball and then kicks it before it touches the ground, it is called a punt.

Within what area is the goalkeeper able to hold ball with hands?

The penalty area.

What goalkeeper need to plan with the goaldefender?

a goalkeeper needs aview of the player that is going to shot , so the goalkeeper tells the goaldefenders where to move in order for him to see the ball and the player.

A soccer player kicks a ball into what?

A soccer player kicks a ball into the opposing team's goal. A goalkeeper will try to stop this from happening

Can an opponent run into the goalkeeper?

An opponent can not run into the goalkeeper if the goalkeeper has possession of the ball. Nor can an opponent run into a keeper if the ball is not within playing distance of the two players. Under no circumstances can a player run into the keeper intentionally, but might only do so in the course of fairly playing the ball. If a keeper has the ball after a catch, and a player runs into or tackles him, it is automatic red card.

Can a player score the goal bear foot when the ball rebound the goalkeeper?


After a goalkeeper made a save can the goalkeeper punt the ball inside the penalty arc to distribute the ball to his team mates?

The purpose of the penalty arc is to ensure that, when a player takes a penalty kick, his teammates and opponents stay ten yards away from him at all times. While the goalkeeper has the ball in his possession, no player is allowed within the penalty arc until the keeper releases the ball.

Can a goalkeeper score when kicking the ball from his hands if no one else touches the ball before it enters the goal?

Yes, this is allowed. However it is quite rare.

Is there a situation in soccer when the goalkeeper may not handle the ball inside the penalty box?

Yes. If the ball is kicked to them or thrown-in to them directly from a team-mate. If the goal keeper releases the ball from their hands they cannot pick it back up again until another player touches it.

In football - can the goalkeeper be tackled inside the six-yard-box?

You tackle the ball, not a player.

Could a football goalkeeper put the ball against a player's hand and call it a hand ball?

No. The ball must be handled deliberately for there to be an infraction.

What a soccer player does to the ball?

A player kicks it, chests it, passes it, or throws it (from a throw in), a goalkeeper kicks it, catches it and throws it.