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During an infield choice, the at-bat is counted and the hitter is not given a hit, nor does it increase their On-Base Percentage.

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Q: If fielder chooses you does it count as at-bat?
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Does a fielder's choice count as an at bat?

Yes, it counts as an at bat.

Does it count as a hit when the right fielder throws the runner out at first?


What is a five letter word for awaiting the pitch?

at bat (atbat)

Does fielder's choice count towards on base average?

yes any time up at bat counts

In baseball are you allowed to switch the way you hit during an atbat?

Yes you are. You can even if you have two strikes on you

Does reaching 1st base on an error count as a hit?

NO... the answer is in your question... if its an ERROR how can it be a hit ... If the batter hits into a fielder choice then there to its not a hit ...

If there is a runner third base and he hits the ball to the shortstop and he throws to home plate and he is safe Is the batter credited with a hit or a fielder's choice?

That would be considered a fielder's choice. defines a fielder's choice as: "A play made on a ground ball in which the fielder chooses to put out an advancing base runner, thus allowing the batter to reach first base safely." Even though, in your question, the runner was not put out at home the play would be scored a fielder's choice and the batter would be credited with an RBI.

The hitter gets a clear hit to centerfield but the runner waits too long to go to second and is thrown out at second Is it a hit or a fielders choice for the hitter?

For the play you describe, it would be a hit. A fielder's choice is when a fielder chooses to throw to another base instead of 1st base to retire the batter. I doubt the center fielder had a chance to throw out the batter at 1st base.

Does a fielder's choice count toward on base percentage?

No. On-base percentage is calculated by adding hits, walks and hit-by-pitches and dividing that number by the sum of all at-bats, walks, hit-by-pitches and sacrifice flies. (Source: fielder's choice does not improve a player's batting average, and neither does an error.djagameking:Actually an error counts towards your on base percentage, just not your average. Does a fielder's choice count towards your obp.

What are the outfield positions of Softball?

Right Fielder Left Fielder Center fielder

What are the outfield positions called in baseball?

Right Fielder, Center Fielder, and Left Fielder.

Who is prince fielder's father?

Cecil Fielder

Does a fielders choice count as an at bat if a run scores on the play?

A fielder's choice is always an at bat. The book would be marked as an FC with RBI.

How many baseball players are in the outfield?

3; a left fielder, right fielder, and center fielder

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Is the batter out when he hits his own player with a hit ball?

No, the batter is not out. The runner could be out though. For example in Little League if the runner touches the ball before it goes by a fielder, the runner is out. (The pitcher does not count as a fielder for the purpose of the rule) The runner is not out if he/she is touching a base.

Will a baseball that is knocked down out of the air with a glove that is thrown up at it and then caught with bare hands count as an out?

No. It is considered interferrence by the fielder and the batter is awarded a hit.

Is a fielders choice an official at bat?

Yes, it counts as an 0 for 1. The reasoning behind it, is this: A fielder's choice usually happens when there is a runner on first, and you hit a grounder. The fielder could easily throw you out at first, but he CHOOSES to get the runner out at 2nd instead. You effectively have made an out, and not reached base safely via a hit, but the only reason you're on base and not the other guy is because to the fielder, it was more advantageous to get the lead baserunner out.

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