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Q: If ejected from a basketball game are you allowed to play in the next game?
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How many games do you miss for a red card?

You get ejected from the game you got the red card in and then you miss the next match.

Can a player step out of bounds then come back in and receive the next pass?

Yes, that is allowed in basketball.

Will the lakes basketball team win their next game?

what kind of question is that

What does it mean if a soccer player is issued with a red card?

they get ejected from the game, the team has to play a man down, and the player with a red card cant play in the next game.

When is the next UK basketball game?

1/09/09 against Georgia

When can a subsituted player re-enter the basketball game?

At the next dead ball

What happens when you get a red card in soccer?

When you get a red card in soccer, you have to leave the field and you are ejected for the rest of the game. Often, depending on the league, you will be suspended for the next game (or a few games) also.

What will basketball be like n the future?

Ninja Basketball of coarse, only the most extreme, conpetative, and deadly game next to ninja football.

When is the next basketball game?

Today (Saturday, January 30) there is a game at 9:30 ET against San Fran.

What came first golf basketball or baseball?

The game of golf came before basketball or baseball. It was invented in Scotland in the 1400's. Baseball was invented next, and basketball last.

If a player is ejected from a game can he play the next week?

It depends on which sport you refer to, but being ejected (whether by instruction of the umpire/referee or red carded as a personal penalty) usually means an automatic suspension for one or two games and a judiciary hearing.

Who are the Jazz basketball team playing in their next game?

See the related link for schedule information.