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The runners stay on base unless: if it's strike 3, out 3, the inning is over and runners leave the field and switch to defense as long as the game isn't over; if it's a wild pitch and not strike 3, out 3, the runners can advance at their own risk; if it's strike 3 and not out 3 and the catcher fails to catch the ball, all runners (including the batter) can run to the next base

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Q: If bases are loaded and batters swings and misses where do the runners go?
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What is it called when the batter swings at a pitch and misses it?


Do runners advance when batter hits catchers glove?

when the batter swings and hits the catchers glove it is called catchers interference and the batter goes to first base. so if there are any runners on first or first and second or they are loaded then yes they advance. If the runners are on second or second and third or just third they dont advance because there is an open bag.

If a batter steps out of the box while swinging is he out?

No, he is not out if he swings and misses. However, if his bat makes contact with the ball, whether the ball goes fair or foul, and at least one of his feet is entirely outside the batters box, he is out.

With 2 outs and bases loaded batter swings at strike three catcher misses ball what is the call?

Its a live ball if the ball goes back to the backstop he can throw to first or if he blocks the ball he can step on home and get the runner out on third.

When does a strike in softball occur?

if the batter swings and misses or if the pitch is between the chest and kness

How could Tim Wakefield strike out 4 batters in one inning?

runner swings and misses a wild pitch or passed ball and reaches first before tagged or forced out....counts as a K though batter is at first

If a batter swings and misses around and hits ball?

its a hit if its lands in far ground or foul it not

When a batter swings at a pitch and misses is?

Baseball is a game of balls and strikes: the pitcher throws the ball, and the batter tries to hit it. If the batter swings at the ball and misses, that is called a strike. A batter gets three strikes (three efforts to swing at the ball) before being called "out."

When the server tosses the ball up in the air and swings and misses the ball in tennis the serve is?

It's going to be repeated.

What are 3 ways a strike is called on a batter for softball?

The batter watches a strike go by and doesn't swing the bat. A batter swings at a strike and misses. A batter swings at a ball and misses. A batter could also attempt to bunt on the third strike, bunting it foul would lead to the batter being called out.

Can it be a strike to swing at a ground ball?

A pitched ball that touches the ground is a live ball. If the batter swings and misses, it is a strike. If the batter swings and hits the ball, it is treated as any other hit ball.

What happens when a batter gets hit by a pitch?

the batter advances to first base

If the player swings and misses the birdie and it lands out of bounds is the birdie out?

As long as the player does not touch the shuttle, it is out. If they touch the shuttle while they swing, it is considered out

If a batter swings a bat at a pitch and misses the ball but is hit by the ball in the process is the batter awarded first base or is it a strike due to the swing?

Its a strike

Is it called a ball when the softball hits the ground in front of home plate?

In most cases this is called a ball. If the batter swings at the ball and misses, however, the pitch is called a strike. If the player swings and gets on base, the ball is obviously not called anything.

Mr Jones swings at Dr. Bob and misses Dr. Bob sues for battery Why will Dr. Bob lose?

Because battery requires touching. This describes assault.

In fastpitch softball is it a dropped third strike if the pitch hits the dirt with a 2-2 count and the batter swings and misses and the catcher catches the ball off the dirt on the bounce?

ok this confuses me if they have 2 strikes on them and they pitch it and the catcher misses it they run and the catcher has to throw them out hope it helpes!

Can a runner on first steal a base on a strike swing?

if a batter swings and misses and a runner is on base and the runner is stealing then he can steal a base. Not sure what you mean though on a strike swing.

What does ball mean in softball?

A ball simply means that the pitcher threw a ball too high or low.Also if the ball is no where near the plate its considered a ball.But if the batter swings and misses its a strike.In softball there is 4 balls if the pitcher throws 4 balls then the batter gets to walk.Walking means that they get to first base and if there is someone on first they advance to the next base.If the bases are loaded then you automatically get a point.

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What is a Bugs Bunny change-up?

A very slow pitch.Looney Tunes put out a Bugs Bunny cartoon in 1946 called Baseball Bugs. In it, Bugs is a pitcher for a team called the Tea Totallers against a team called the Gorillas. Bugs' changeup is so slow that three batters stand in a line and each swings and misses three times to strike out.

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