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Neither, it is spotted at where his forward progress is stopped. And an offensive player could not fumble a ball in the endzone because then it would be a TD and the play is dead.

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Q: If an offensive player fumbles the ball and a defensive player picks it up and is pushed into the inzone is it a safety or touchback?
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What is the size of an average football field?

160 from sideline to sideline and 300 from inzone to inzone

What is the average size of an American Football field?

160 from sideline to sideline and 300 from inzone to inzone

How much land is equal to one acre?

one acre One acre of land = 43,560 square feet (or about the area of a football field from inzone to inzone)

What is size of football field?

100 yards plus 10 yards ever inzone so it is 120

Why is a fumble that gos backward out of the inzone for the offense a safety and not a touchbach?

If you put the ball into your own endzone by backward pass or by carrying it there if the ball becomes dead in the endzone it is either a safety if you have possession at the end of the play or a touchdown if the oponent has possession at the end of the play. A ball that goes out of bounds is in possession of the last team to have possession in bounds so a ball going out of bounds in that case is a safety. Likewise a ball fumbled that goes out of bounds behind the goal line is a touchback because the team put the ball in the oponents endzone. If you put the ball in the oponents endzone it is either a touchback if he has possession or a touchdown if you have possession in the end zone at the end of the play. A kick remains a kick until it is possessed or is dead. That is why a ball touched by the receivers that then goes in the endzone where it is downed by the receivers is a touchback. It was the kick that put the ball in the opponents endzone.

How many yards in a football inzone?

The End zones are 53 1/3 yards wide, and 10 yards long.

Describe the field of football?

the part used not for the sideline is about 110 football yards (in football 1 step is a yard+ 5 yards in each inzone the part were the big yellow goal post is any were in it it a touch if your in the correct one and you have the ball. the side lines are were the rest of the team is.

What are the rules for touchdowns is it football in the inzone two feet and the football orone foot and the football?

A catch in PRO football requires 2 feet in the end zone. A catch In college requires 1 foot in the end zone. The ball breaking the plane of the goal line on a run, or catch and run in the field of play.

How do you compare human organelles to a football team?

The organelles in human cells work togethar as a team. They take nutrients and carbohydrates and kick them around like footballs. Sometimes there are viruses that infect human cells, and they are like the opposing team. The good organelles have to run to the inzone with the footballs to secure the cell and keep it healthy. The organelles are aranged in patterns inside the cell, much like a team on the field, and some organelles lock together to create a membrane that protects the cell from advancing enemy football players.

Who did the Vikings loose the NFC championship in 1998 to?

The 1998 NFC Championship Game was between the 15-1 Minnesota Vikings and the 14-2 Atlanta Falcons. Everybody in the world went into the game thinking the game would be a blow out with the Vikings advancing to Super Bowl XXXIII. The Atlanta Falcons scored early in the game with a touchdown pass to Jamal Anderson. However, Randall Cunningham hit Randy Moss in the inzone to tie it 7-7. However, the Vikings took over the rest of the half with two Gary Anderson field goals and a one-yard touchdown dive by Cunningham. This string of scores gave the Vikings 20 unanswered points. With under a minute left in the half, Cunningham stepped back to take another pass when out of no where, Chuck Smith stripped the ball and the Falcons recovered the Ball at the Vikings 14 yard line. With seconds left, Falcons quarterback Chris Chandler hit Terrance Mathis in the inzone to pull Atlanta within 20-14. The second half gave the vikings something to be afraid of. The Falcons scored first with Morten Andersen kicking a field goal narrowing Minnesota's lead by 3 points (20-17). Though the Vikings were losing their lead, they didn't lose their cool. Randall Cunningham stepped back and threw a diving catch to Matthew Hatchet in the inzone. The new lead of 10 points gave the Vikings a cushion, but the Falcons left them no time to get comfortable. Chris Chandler close to the Vikings inzone threw a pass literally from one side of the field to the other. The receiver was tackled at the 10 yard line. Unable to score a touchdown from their, Morten Andersen came through with another successful field goal, bringing the score to 27-20 Going into the near end of the 4th quarter the Vikings wanted to put the game out of reach. They drove to the 28 yard line and got set up for the field goal. Gary Anderson had had a literally "perfect" season not missing one extra point or field goal. As he kicked the ball, the ball curved wide to the left missing the goal posts. Everyone in the world was in shock after he missed his first field goal in two years. The Falcons took over with under a minute left in the half. Quarterback Chris Chandler then drove his team to one of the most dramatic finishes in post-season history. Chris Chandler drove to the the 15 yard line and hit Terrance Mathis yet again in the inzone. The pass tied the game 27-27. Going into overtime, the Atlanta Falcons stopped the Minnesota Vikings on two overtime possessions. Atlanta brought Morten Andersen in one more time to finish it off with a 38 yard field goal. As the world held their breath, Andersen took one final kick. The ball traveled what seemed like forever going straight through the goal posts. The Falcons won their first (and to this day only) NFC Championship. ESPN voted the game as the 3rd most exciting Post Season Game in NFL History. The Atlanta Falcons did the unthinkable and defeated the supposedly invincible Minnesota Vikings 30-27.

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