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Q: If an atom were the size of a baseball stadium what would it look like?
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Why the head of a pin compared to the diameter of a stadium is like an atom?

because the atom is the head and everthing else circles around it making it orbit around like the electron

What best describes rutherford's model of the atom?

An example would be..Like a huge stadium with a positively charged marble at the center. Another example is..A small ball within a large shell containing empty space.

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more people would like to come see what the stadium looks like and would like to know more about it.

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What would it be like to be an atom for a day?

you would be quite small

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It has a wall. Also, they are similar because they both have the letter "a".

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it depends on the type of stadium if its a stadium like thunder whip it has chances to win but if it isa stamina stadium it would loose

Who described the atom to be like plum pudding?

That would be Thomson

How would i describe what an electrian cloud model of the atom looks like?


What is Rutherfords model of the atom?

the nuclear model was its name. the theory behind this model is that 99.99% of the atom is empty space.the nucleus is what that is tiny and the most dense positive core.The nucleus contains protons. the nucleus is what weight the most in the atom

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