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the team that scored the touchdown kicks the ball off to the other team

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Q: If a team scores a touchdown who kicks after?
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How many points a team receive when they make a touchdown?

When a team scores a touchdown they will receive 6 points.

What do Texas a and m students do after they get a touchdown?

After a touchdown, Texas A&M students at the game with a date kiss their date, under the logic that if the team scores, everybody scores.

Who kicks off after a team scores 2 points after a blocked extra kick return?

The team that scores a TD always kicks off to start play regardless of whether their extra point try was successful or not.

In the super bowl game if a team scores a touchdown with no time left and is winning do they have to go for the p.a.t.?

Yes they do.

What is the objective of the game?

The objective of the game is to be the team to score the most points between 2 teams. You score by passing for a touchdown, running for a touchdown (both offense), interception return for a touchdown(defense) fumble recovery return touchdown (defense) safety (defense, the defense sacks the quarterback or tackles the ballcarrier in their own endzone) field goal (special teams, a kicker kicks the ball through the goalposts) extra point (kicker kicks ball through goalposts after a touchdown).

If a team scores a touchdown while time expires in the first quarter of a game when do they kick the extra point?

In the first qaurter

Has there ever been an NFL or college football game where the final score was 0 0?

No there has not at the end of regulation the game will go into overtime until one team scores a touchdown or field goal. the overtime rules are -15mins -touchdown on 1st possession the team that scored the touchdown wins -field goal on 1st possession the opposing team has a chance to score a field goal if the opposing team scores a touchdown they win -field goal on 2nd possession the team that scored the field goal wins

If a football player kicks off the ball and another player on the opposite team recevices it and makes the touch down from there how many points will that team gain?

All touchdowns are worth six points. It doesn't matter how the touchdown is scored, via a pass, a run, or on a kickoff or punt return. After the touchdown, the scoring team receives a "point after touchdown" attempt for one or two extra points.

How many penalties are done after extra time in soccer?

The kicks are not actually penalty kicks but are called kicks from the mark. Each team initially takes five kicks. If the score is still level after that then each team then takes one kick until one team scores and the other doesn't. No player may kick a second time until all their teammates have kicked once.

In what game do you say a try?

a tri is a rugby term. it is when the team scores by getting the ball into touch. it is much like a touchdown in American football.

A football team is likely to score a touchdown at any time during a game What is the probability it scores during the third quarter?


How many players are on a flag football team?

There are 5-7 players on the team. It lasts for two half's witch are 22 minutes long. There are no free kicks, only punting. A touchdown is 6 points.

What is an unanswered score in football?

It's when one teams scores and the other teams tries but doesn't "match" or "answer" the touchdown or field goal made by that team.

Is it possible in a football game for a team to score just a single point at the end of a game?

No. A single point can only be scored after a touchdown (a touchdown being worth 6 points). The lowest non-zero score a team can have is 2. A "safety" (tackling the other team's ball carrier in his own end zone) scores two points.

If an NFL team scores with no time remaining in regulation do they have to kick a fieldgoal?

No, if the clock runs out and the ball is still in play, a player can enter the endzone and have it counted as a touchdown.

A football team scores one touchdown for 6 points and three field goals for 3 points each How many points do they have in total?

15 points

How do you call it when a footballer scores?

A footballer scores a Goal, however in American football it's known as a Touchdown.

What are the release dates for Hazel - 1961 Hazel Scores a Touchdown 3-7?

Hazel - 1961 Hazel Scores a Touchdown 3-7 was released on: USA: 31 October 1963

Can an NFL team earn 1 point?

NoThe fewest points a football team can score is 2 on a safety (which is when a team tackles the ball carrier in their own end zone.) However, after a team scores a touchdown, they can kick a field goal for an extra point

Name of Area in which a player scores a touchdown?

the end zone

What does Tim Tebow do when he scores a touchdown?

points to the sky (God)

Who has most consecutive point after touchdown kicks?

Matt Stover, who started his treak in 1996.

What is a field goal and how many points are awarded?

A field goal is when a team kicks the ball through the two goalposts (not an extra point, which is a kick taken after a touchdown). A field goal is worth 3 points

Have there ever been any 9-7 12-7 12-10 etc types of games where a team never scores a touchdown but the other team scores at least one TD?

I will assume you mean has a team ever won a game without scoring a TD over a team that has scored a TD. That has probably happened countless times, the last being on December 2, 2007 when the Buffalo Bills defeated the Washington Redskins 17-16. The Bills scored 5 field goals and a safety and the Redskins got 3 field goals and one touchdown.

Why do throw ins happen in soccer?

A throw in occurs in soccer when a team kicks the ball out of the sidelines. For example if the bleu team kicks it out the red team throws it in. If the red team kicks it out the bleu team throws it in.