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If the player is tackled in the endzone it's a touchback and the ball will be spotted at the 20. But if he runs it all the way back it's a touchdown.


In the NFL, that's not possible. The play would be whistled dead once the offense had lost control of possession. In college and Canadian football, however, the defense would be awarded a 2-point defensive conversion for successfully running the ball back to the opposite end zone.

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Q: If a team intercepts a 2 point attempt after a touchdown and runs to the opponents goal Is it a touchdown or a safety?
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Who intercepts a pass football?

Anybody but it s normally cornerbacks, safety's, or linebackers

How do you score a football game?

you get a touchdown. Or you get a field goal or a safety.

What increases the score in a football game?

touchdown, field goal, or safety

Why do they call the 2 point football scoring play a safety?

They don't, the two point conversion is simply named a two point conversion where after a team scores a touchdown they attempt to get into the endzone once again, a safety is when the offense has possession of the ball and they are stopped and tackled in their own endzone

In the NFL is a player allowed to spike the ball in the end zone after a touchdown?

no it will be a safety

Rules on scorekeeping for football?

Touchdown - 6 points Extra Point (Point after touchdown) - 1 point Two Point Conversion (after touchdown) - 2 points Field Goal - 3 point Safety - 2 points

How much a touchdown a safety 2 field goals worth?

A total of 15 Points!

What are two ways besides a touchdown and a feildgoal to score points ina football game?

Safety (tackling the ball carrier while being in his own endzone) and PAT (Point After Touchdown), I think.

How can a football team score 15 points?

You can get 15 points on football by (note if I don't mention anything with a touchdown, then there is no extra points involved):1 touchdown with field goal (7), 1 touchdown with conversion (8)1 touchdown with field goal (7), 1 touchdown (6), 1 safety (2)2 touchdowns (12), 1 field goal (3)1 touch down with field goal (7), 2 field goals (6), 1 safety (2)5 field goals (15)6 safeties (12), 1 field goal (3)4 safeties (8), 1 touchdown with field goal (7)3 safeties (6), 1 touchdown (6), field goal (3)3 field goals (9), 1 touchdown (6)2 field goals (6), 1 touchdown with field goal (7), 1 safety (2)1 touchdown with conversion (8), 2 safeties (4), 1 field goal (3)

Who did the first leap in to the crowd for the Green Bay Packers?

Leroy Butler, a safety who had just returned an interception for a touchdown in the 1990s.

What is the 1st consideration in a rescue?

Safety of a person who attempt the rescue.

How 2 points can be scored in nfl?

Conversion; after the offense scores a touchdown, they can either do PAT kick or go for a conversion when the QB passes it to WR and they make it to the goal line. Safety: When the defense sack the QB in their own touchdown line.