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Two bases from the base the runner occupied at the time the wild throw was made.

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2010-05-28 15:19:42
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Q: If a runner is returning to a base to tag up after a fly ball and the outfielder's throw back to the base goes out of play how many bases is the runner awarded?
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Runner 1st and second baseball hit by batter hits runner on way to 2nd Who is out and are any bases awarded?

advancing runner struck by the batted ball is out.

Runner going to first and ball is thrown into dugout how many bases awarded?

ONE (1)... and one (1) for every base runner ... two (2) if the ball is thrown in the stands ...

Can a runner on second base steal 3rd base on ball four?

Yes, unless there are runners on both 1st and 2nd bases. In that case, the runner from second is awarded third - it is not stolen.

Is it a hit in softball if you hit the runner and reach 1st base safely?

If a fair batted ball touches a runner in fair territory, it's interference, the runner is Out, the batter is awarded a hit and given 1B, and all runners must return to the bases they occupied at the time of the pitch, unless forced to advance by the batter being awarded 1B.

What is ground rule double due to fan interference if a runner on first base has already passed second before the fan touches the ball?

The batter and each runner is awarded 2 bases from where they were at the time of the pitch.

Does a runner score from third base if bases are loaded and there is a catcher interference call?

Yes. The batter is awarded first base and all runners would be forced up a base allowing the runner from third to score.

What does loaded bases in softball mean?

bases loaded means that there is a runner on 1st base, a runner on 2nd base, and a runner on 3rd base, all of the bases.

What if a runner rounds third then retreats only to find a runner from second is now on third and he retreats to second but is tagged out what happens to the runner on third?

Lead runner has the right to the bag as long as they are not being forced ahead by occupants of other bases. If the runner on 3rd was not being forced they can return to the bag and the runner from 2nd must return to 2nd. The runner returning to second if tagged is out and unless the runner returning to 3rd is tagged while off the base then they are safe. If both runner attempt to occupy the base at the same time and fielder tags both runners while they occupy the base the runner from 2nd is out unless they are being forced ahead then the runner from 3rd is out.

What does base mean in softball?

bases loaded means that there is a runner on 1st base, a runner on 2nd base, and a runner on 3rd base, all of the bases.

How many bases does the hitter advance if a fielder throws wildly to first base and the ball goes out of play?

By "out of play" I presume you mean in the dugout or into the stands, in which case, the batter gets 2nd base If the ball stays in play, the batter could get as far as they can advance. Little League Rule 7.05 g 'states two bases when, with no spectators on the playing field, a thrown ball goes into the stands, or into a bench, etc.' The two bases are awarded from the runner's position at the time of the throw. If the runner is running towards first base and the ball is thrown into the stands, he is awarded 2 bases (1st and 2nd) If the runner has safely reached 1st base and the shortstop throws to first because the runner rounded too far and the ball goes into the stands, it is still 2 bases, but in this case it is 2nd and 3rd as the runner already occupied first at the time of the throw.

Can a runner advance on a wild pitch that goes out of play in little league?

Yes, i believe they are awarded two bases. just like in the majors if the ball gets thrown into crowd.

Is a batter awarded an RBI if a runner on 3rd scores on a wild pitch or passed ball?

No, a WP or PB is similar to a fielding error. No RBI is awarded (unless the WP was ball 4 with the bases loaded, in which case the batter gets one RBI).

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