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It depends. If the runner hit a home run, and missed third he would be sent back to second base. If the runner was on second base to start and missed third he would be out. However, even if the umpire sees a runner miss a base the runner is not penalized unless the opposing team appeals.

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Q: If a runner does not touch third base but touches home are they out or does the run count?
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During a bases loaded walk if the batter fails to touch first base on a base on balls does the runner on third base score?

If there are fewer than two outs, yes. If there are two outs, both the runner on third and the batter must touch their respective bases for the run to count.

On a dropped third strike with 2 outs runner on 3rd is stealing home and crosses home plate before the batter is put out does the run count?

That depends on how the batter is put out. If the batter is put out by throwing to the first baseman who touches first base before the batter does, the run will not count because the play is considered a force out. No run can score when the batter or another runner is put out by a force for the third out of an inning. However, if the batter is tagged out and the runner from third scores before the batter is tagged out, the run does count because the runner was not forced but instead tagged. Only if the batter runner is tagged out after he reaches first base (in attempt to get to 2nd base for example) does the run count. If the first baseman was pulled off the bag on the throw and was able to tag the batter runner before he reached first base, the run would not count. It is still considered a force play (NFHS Rule 2-24-1). The above answer is incorrect. MLB rule 4.09(a) states: One run shall be scored each time a runner legally advances to and touches first, second, third and home base before three men are put out to end the inning. EXCEPTION: A run is not scored if the runner advances to home base during a play in which the third out is made (1) by the batter-runner before he touches first base; (2) by any runner being forced out; or (3) by a preceding runner who is declared out because he failed to touch one of the bases. Note the exception. No run scores when the third out is made by the batter-runner before he reaches first. Doesn't matter if it's a force or a tag on the batter-runner.

If a runner is hit with the ball by a miss throw by to the second base man is the runner out?

No. To force an out, the defensive player has to touch the runner with the ball or touch the runner with the glove while the ball is in the glove. A thrown ball touching a runner does not count.

If a runner is forced to run to 2nd base and overruns does he have to be tagged to be out if 2nd baseman has the ball and touches the ball?

If the runner touches second base frist, then yes. He would the technically be on his way to third base, and no longer forced. If he has yet to touch second, then no. He would still be on his way to second and therefore "forced". He can be tagged or you could just step on second.

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If a player hit a home grand slam all but one player touches the plate is it still a home run?

If appealed by the defending team the player who did not touch home, his run would not count and he would be ruled out. In the even that this runner was the 3rd out of the inning -- his run wouldn't count as well as anyone who touched home after him

What does the umpire mean in baseball when his arms go out to the side after you touch the base?

when the umpire does the motion of extending both of his arms out to each side after a batter or a runner touches the base then that is the Umpire's signal to tell the teams that the runner is safe.

Two outs runner on 1st and 3rd-- SS fields ball and elects to tag 1B runner rather than touch second base-- 3B runner scores prior to tag--Does run count even though it was a force out situation?

The run would not count since the fielder tagged a runner out during the batter's run to 1st base. It makes no difference where the runner who was on 3rd base is at.

Can a runner score when a batter gets thrown out at first for the third out?

No. A runner can only advance on a fly ball after it is caught. Since there are two outs and the catch of the fly ball would make the third out. A runner cannot score before a fly ball is caught at any time.

Bases loaded two outs bottom of 7th high schooball four to the batter must runners on 1st and 2nd touch the next bases since the batter touches first and the runner on 3rd touches home to end the game?

Only the batter needs to touch first base to complete the walk.

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