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No, if a player comes into contact with the corner post it is a 20m tap to the opposition

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Q: If a player comes into contact with the corner post are they considered to be in 'touch in-goal'?
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When is a player considered touched in the NFL regarding down by contact?

Contact is considered touched while down or if a player falls because of contact

Can a player make a second contact with the ball?

no. it will be considered a foul. . .

In basketball can a defensive player contact an attacker when stealing the ball from her?

No, that is considered a foul

When is an NFL player considered down?

When the player who has the ball has a knee or elbow on the ground when in contact with a player from the opposite team. When the player that has the ball touches any other body part besides his hands on the ground and is in contact with a player from the opposite team.

In soccer when do you perform a corner kick?

When the ball crosses the line across the opposition goal, only if the ball has been in last contact with the 'oppositions' player(s)

When an offensive player carrying the ball falls on an opposing team player on ground is the offensive player considered down by contact?

Not in the NFLNope. At least not in the NFL. If a ball carrier falls down on top of an opposing player and does not otherwise touch the ground, he is not considered down by contact and may continue to advance the ball.Some part of the ball carrier's body, other than his hands or feet, has to make contact with the ground for him to be considered down(Technically, a knee or elbow or helmet has to make contact with the turf for the carrier to be down).This is true for all levels of football play: HS, NCAA, NFL.

What is the average height of a corner back football player?

The average height of a corner back football player is around five foot eleven. The average weight of a corner back football player is around 200 pounds.

Is netball a contact sport?

Netball is considered non contact - however it was recently rated the third highest contact sport. This is because as the player is penalised when pulled up for contacting, the contact is made more aggressive (the logic is "if you're going to do it you might as well do it properly").

Is ping pong a contact sport?

No it is not. But then again, it is. Depends on what your definition of "contact sport" is. In most cases, ping pong is not a contact sport for it contains no actual physical contact between the players as you would see in hockey or football (which are full contact, or collision, sports). According to another definition, ping pong, in a way, is a contact sports because there is physical contact between the player and the ball (when you go to serve the ball, you are holding it. This is considered contact between player and object).

Is English football considered a contact sport?

Yes it is, many serious injuries have been caused by lawful contact, such as sliding tackles where the defender has touched the ball before he makes contact with the player in posession,as long as no malicious intent is apparent.

Can you score a basket when you are out of bounds and throw the ball on the court and it goes in without making contact with a player?

As stated, no. The ball would be considered out of play.

Where is the sync on media player?

top left corner

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