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It does not matter if you catch a ball in fair or foul territory it is still considered an out.

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Q: If a player attempts to catch a pop up while standing in both fair and foul territory?
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Player attempts to catch a pop up and touches the ball in foul territory and it hits the ground in fair territory?

Once a batted ball is touched by a defensive player in foul territory, it is ruled a foul ball regardless if said batted ball returns to fair territory.

Is it an out when a flyball is caught in out of play territory and the player is in the air during the catch and lands in out of play territory?

If the player doesn't touch the out of Play territory first then it is an out and if it's going to be a home run then the main part of the player has to be on the field side

A fielder standing in fair territory reaches over the foul line and drops the ball back into fair territory does the ball remain foul because it was golng to drop foul?

No matter where the feilder is standing... foul or fair territory... the second they come into contact with the ball, its considered fair and in play. Even if it was going foul and you try to catch it and miss it, if there is any contact, the ball becomes fair.

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Runner on base advance after a fly ball catch in foul territory?

yes, but runner must not advance to next base until ball is caught by defensive player.

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