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If the ball took a bad hop and hit the fielders glove and then hit the fielder, there would not be an error and the batter would get credit for a hit. However if the fielder had the ball glance of the heel of his glove and come up and hit him in the face because he misplayed it, it should be scored as an error. To answer you question. Like any hit/error decision, this is soley up to the decision the Official Scorer makes. It is his job to determine whether the play should have been handled correctly and recorded an out, or if, the batter deserves a base hit.

** In MLB an injury will not stop the play until the play is over. i.e if an outfielder rolls an ankel going over a ball, they will not stop the play due to his injury, someone else will need to field the ball or all runners will score and then the play will end

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Q: If a ground ball is hit to an infielder and the ball bounces off the glove and into the players upper body or face and the player is hurt and cannot make the play is it an error or a base hit?
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What is a ground out in baseball?

In baseball, a ground out is an out in which a batter hits a ball on the ground and one of the Infielders catches it before it hits the ground and a ground out can also be an instance of a batter hitting a ball in which an Infielder fields a baseball and then throws to another Infielder in order to record an out as long as the batted baseball was hit on the ground.

What if a ball hits in fair territory and bounces in the air over the foul line and is touched by an infielder-is it foul?

It would depend on if the play happened within first and third base. the ball would be considered foul if it was touched in foul ground.

What do you do when you hit a ground ball towards an infielder and are running to first base?

Run as fast as you can.

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What's the difference between a rally and a volley?

A rally is an exchange of shots between players, while a volley is a type of shot which involves hitting the ball before it bounces on the ground.

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If a baseball touches a fielders glove then bounces off the wall can it be caught for an out?

No, once the ball touches the wall, ground, or runner (after 1st being touched by a defender) the ball cannot be caught for an out

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What is the ruling of a hit ball after it bounces off the ground?

Depending on the sport, the batter cannot be caught out, the ball remains in play, the ball must be hit before touching the ground again or the ball remains in play until it stops of its own accord.

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