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A defensive player may go out of bounds and then come back in bounds and make a tackle or recover a fumble. An offensive player may not go out of bounds voluntarily and then catch a pass. The only other rule about going out of bounds in the college rulebook is that a member of the kicking team may not go out of bounds voluntarily and then come back onto the field to make a play.

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If the player is out of bounds of his own volition (he runs out without being pushed and wasn't the ball carrier who just fumbled next to the sideline), he can return immediately to the sideline and participate.

If the player DOES go out on his own accord, though, and tries to get the fumble, he is illegally participating in the play. If he gets possession, he is illegally touching the ball (both are live ball fouls, so only one would be assessed to the team).

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Q: If a fumble occurs and the player is out of bounds can he come back and pick up the ball and continue play?
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If in the NFL a player tries to fumble backwards but somehow it goes forward is it an illegal forward fumble?

A fumble is a fumble, no matter what direction it goes in, but a player cannot advance the ball forward through the air once they have passed the line of scrimmage.

If a player is laying out of bounds and another player is on top of the player laying out of bounds but not touching the ground is the player laying on top also out of bounds?

i believe so

If a player is out of bounds and another player throws the ball off him who is it out on?

The player that is out of bounds when the ball touches him.

Is on the line in football out?

Yes if a player steps on the out-of-bounds line than the player is out-of-bounds.

If the ball is fumbled and rolls past the first down marker is it a first down?

A fumble is down when the recovering player is down or when the ball goes out of yes, if the ball is fumbled forward and recovered by the offense, or goes out of bounds, past the first down marker, it is a first down. The exception is on fourth down. In the NFL, only the player who fumbled the ball can advance it on fourth down.

Who gets the fumble on a backwards pass?

Whoever gets to the ball first. :-) A backward pass (i.e., a lateral) that is not caught is a live ball, and any player from either team may recover it. If it goes out of bounds, the ball is spotted at that point.

When can't a pro football player advance a fumble?

they can

What broncos player caused the fumble?

Jeremiah Castille

How do you use the word 'fumble' in a sentence?

If a rugby player was to fumble the ball and drop it, his team mates would not be very pleased with him.

Can a player dribble out of bounds on change of possession?

you can never dribble out of bounds. ever.

Is a player out of bounds if the ball and his upper body are out of bounds before his knee hits the ground in bounds?

Rules vary from state to state but in this case it is perfectly legal. So along as the players feet are in bounds. In highschool football its normally if one foot is in bounds and the other is not out of bounds and the player has control of the ball then its a catch

What is striping in football?

stripping is when a player causes a player on the opposing team to fumble the ball