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it depends there is one and one where if they are fouled they shoot and if they make it then they get to shoot another but if they miss then its the rebonders ball. also if someone gets fouled shooting if he makes the shot then he gets one shot and they count the 2 points 1+2=3. if he misses then he shoots 2 free throws if he is behind the three point line and he makes it same rule applys 3+1=4 if he misses then he gets to shoot 3 free throws a tech foul guy gets to shoot 3 shoots that's for the coach freakin out or players fighting

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free throws start after 5 in a quarter the NBA and 7 in a half in the ncaa

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it depends on were your standing and how you were fouled. when your in the lane and your going up for a shot and your fouled than you get your frees.

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Q: If a foul happened to the attacking team in the scoring zone how many free throws to they get?
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Is it a foul in basketball in you get shoved after your shot?

Yes it is a foul but you don't get free throws

Can you keep possession of the basketball if you committed a technical foul?

The team who just was fouled gets the ball at the free throw line, shoots the free throws, the the team who just shot the free throws gets the ball out of bounds close to where the foul happened. In example: Say you get pushed from the back at the top of the key. You will shoot two free throws, then you will get the ball straight across from where the foul took place, on the side lines. Under the basket technical fouls are under the basket out of bounds. There like a regular foul in where you take it out. Different in the free throws because no one is around you.

What is the scoring of handball?

if you score a handball it will be a red card or yellow card or a foul

What is a tennis do over?

A do over is where a particular fault, error or foul is ignored and not counted in the game scoring. The game continues as if the error had not happened. This is often done in a friendly game, but not in competitive or professional games.

Does the opponent get to shoot free throws after a technical foul?

Yes, they do. They also get possession of the ball after the free throws, from the sideline.

What are the personal fouls in lacrosse?

I'm not sure what you mean but When you personally get 5 fouls, you have to sit off but usually on your 4th foul, the people scoring let you now that u only have 1 foul left before you are "fouled off". This happens rarely in friendly basketball games but its happened to me before { on my first game }. Hope this helps?

Where does a free kick take place?

A free kick takes place from the spot where the foul occurred. If the foul happened outside the penalty area, the free kick is taken from that spot. If the foul occurred inside the penalty area, the free kick is taken from the nearest point on the penalty area line.

When did Super Foul Egg happen?

Super Foul Egg happened in 1995.

When did By Fair Means or Foul happen?

By Fair Means or Foul happened in 1988.

Do you shoot free throws on an offensive foul if your over the limit in ncaa bball?


How many free throws with technical foul in high school?

three i think

What is the free throws on an intentional foul when the shooter makes the basket?

2 free throws, just saw it in the Syracuse Pitt game.