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I guess that could have something to do with it....

Also, she could be better than him, something else could be distracting him, she could be having a good day, it could be a lot of things.

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Q: If a boy loses to a girl at sports is it because he's getting annoyed by his testicles and she doesn't have this problem?
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Is it a problem if the testicles aren't at the same level in the scrotum?

It is normal for the testicles to hang at different levels in the scrotum. This is how men are made.

Is there a problem if it don't hurt when my testicles are hit?

how hard are you hitting them?

What is a bilateral testicular?

This term means pertaining to (-ular) testicles (testic-) on both (bi-) sides (lateral) so a problem with both testicles.

Do testicles swell after getting hit?

When the testicles are hit, they can swell, but first of all it is usually the scrotum, not the testicles themselves. This is usually caused by the bruising of the scrotum, which like other parts of the body can lead to swelling. Time, and icing, can reduce swelling, however, if swelling continues for longer than a day, or there is a puncture, rupture or other sever problem see a doctor immediately.

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What it means when testis remains attach with abdominal permanently in winters?

The testicles are housed in the scrotum. It is the scrotum's job to keep the testicles at the correct temperature. If the scrotum senses that the temperature of the testicles is getting too high, it will drop them farther from the body. If it feels the temperature is getting too low, it will raise them closer to the body to warm up. In the winter, the air is colder, so the scrotum is colder. As a result the scrotum contracts to bring the testicles closer to the body to keep them warm. This is normal and how they are supposed to work. The only problem could be if your testicles actually enter your abdomen and then have trouble coming out. If this happens you need to see your doctor to get them brought back into the scrotum. If a testicle stays inside the abdomen too long it can cause impotence and eventually testicular cancer.

Your husband has small testicles is that a problem if in try to get pregnant?

No. Size of the penis or testis has nothing to do with fertility.

If the testosterone levels in a man drop the causes of the problem is probably a hormone produced in the?

adrenal glands or testicles

When you are 24 so your testicles are not level so is there will be any future problem with that and is there any treatment for that?

No it's normal

Will you suffer from a psychological problem if a man kicked you on testicles and you dont retaliate?

No..? Why would you think that in any way.

Can your testicles still grow after 20 years old?

No, and if they are doing so there is a problem and you need to see a doctor.

Why is there often a delay in a bulimic getting medical help?

But because the bulimic may deny there is a problem, getting medical help is often delayed.

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What can being annoyed do to your body?

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What causes testicles swelling in men?

One common problem that can cause scrotal swelling in men is Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). If you are experiencing swelling in your lower extremities and in the testicles, I would go see a cardiologist, as the problem with the testicles is not from the testicles themselves, but from a problem with the heart. Other problems that could cause testicular swelling would be a testicular torsion (rip inside the testicle), epiditymitis (infection of the sperm duct inside the testicle), and a testicular hernia (part of the testis is protruding from the sac that surrounds them under the skin). These conditions are very painful and may require emergency attention. One reason that could cause swelling in the testicles are tumors (cancerous). These tumors are mainly painless. However, do not be afraid, as just because you may have a tumor, it is not always the case that this tumor is malignant. Sources: nursing student

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Lice is the only answer I can come up with. I never sufered from the problem when I was 15

Can squeezing your testicles when your a kid result to infertility in the future?

No. That has nothing to do with infertility. There are many reasons infertility may be a problem. But this is not one of them.

Is undescended testicle or absence of testicles from birth a problem?

Congenital absence of a testicle is not usually a problem. But an undescended testicle is a problem that needs to be fixed. If the testicle stays in the abdomen, a condition called cryptorchidism, it can lead to infertility and cancer.

What kind of problem do you have if you are 21 and your testicles are not level and what is the treatment for it?

You are absolutely normal and there is no treatment. If you went to have a suit made for you the tailor would ask "which side do you dress?" that means , 'which of your testicles hangs lower?' They make suits that well fitting and comfortable. testicles are naturally at different levels to reduce the chances/amount they clash together... its perfectly normal

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