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Home plate is considered part of fair territory. Home plate IS IN FAIR TERRITORY not just considered part of it. If the ball lands on home plate it is fair.

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Q: If a batter hits the ball but it strikes home plate before touching the ground is this ball fair or foul?
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Is a batter out if the first-baseman controls the ball on the ground before the batter reaches first?

no.Unless the first baseman is touching first base.

If a batter hits ball but it strikes pitcher plate before it touches the ground and stays on fair territory?

Fair ball.

Is a fly ball used in softball?

Yes. A flyball is a ball hit in the air higher tthn shoulder height. If caught before touching the ground the batter is out

What happens If a batter has two strikes and goes to the dugout before strike three.e out?

He can't. He can only be knocked out on strike three, tag-outs (which accurs when a fielder with the baseball tags the batter), or fly-outs (which a fielder catches the baseball before it touches the ground). However, if a fielder catches the baseball before it touches the ground, but it touched the ground before it was hit by the bat, then it's still fly-out.

If a batter steps out of the box and hits a foul ball is he out?

If a batter hits a ball fair or foul while either foot is touching the ground completely outside the lines of the batter's box or while touching the plate. The ball becomes dead immediately. The batter is out.

If there is a runner in first base and the batter strikes out swinging and the ball hits the ground pass the catcher is the batter automatically out?

With one out or no outs the batter is out. With two outs the batter may run to first.

Are you actually touching the ground?

No, you are not actually Touching the ground; You're Hovering.

If a batter hit the ball and bounces off the home plate and the catcher catches it without touching the ground is it an out?

No, as soon as the batter is hit by the ball, the play is considered dead and the batter gets his base.

When a pitch hits the ground before it hits a batter does the batter get first base?

No, in that case it is a ball.

Why should you ground yourself before touching the inside of a computer?

So you don't get electrocuted.

How can you prevent electrostatic damage from occurring?

Ground yourself before touching anything in the computer

What is the ruling of a hit ball after it bounces off the ground?

Depending on the sport, the batter cannot be caught out, the ball remains in play, the ball must be hit before touching the ground again or the ball remains in play until it stops of its own accord.

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