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A pinch runner must be inserted for him at first base. Then, the batter that was hit cannot return, and the pinch runner must stay in the game (unless he's replaced by someone else, in which case the runner can't return).

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Q: If a batter gets hit and can not continue what happens then?
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What happens if a batter gets hit by a pitch?

If a batter is hit by a pitch, that batter automatically advances to first base.

What happens when a batter gets hit by a pitch?

the batter advances to first base

A hit that gets the batter to first base safely?

A hit

What happens when a batter gets hit by a ball when at bat?

The batter goes to first base. It's called a walk.

A hit that gets the batter to second base safely?


What is the hit that gets the batter to first base safely?

What the name of the hit that gets the batter to first base safely

Is the batter out if the pitcher accidentally hits the ball to the batter?

No when the batter gets hit by the ball it is called and walk and the batter gets to go to first base

If a batter is hit by a pitch does he have to walk or can he continue to bat if he chooses to?

He is hit by the pitch, and is walked.

What happens if you swing a baseball bat and accidentally hit the catcher?

The batter gets to take his base because the catcher has caused interference.

What happens if a batter puts his hand in the strike zone and gets hit by the ball?

This will be considered a strike. The player was on the plate or in the way of the plate.

When a batter gets hit by a pitch is it an automatic dead ball?

Yes, it is a dead ball and the batter gets a free base (He/she gets to go to 1st)

What is the ruling if a pitched ball bounces before it hits the batter in softball?

If it hit the batter the batter gets first and it's scored as a hit by pitch.

A hit in baseball that gets batter to second place?

a Double

When does a batter walk to first base?

when he gets hit with the ball

If a batter gets hit by a pitch ball can the batter decline to go to 1st and continue his at bat?

Unless you are talking about professional baseball, yes the batter can decline to take the issued walk. Only in minor leagues such as competitive fastpitch softball can you reject this. However, it rarely happens because the batter sometimes would rather get the free base than ground out, pop out, or strike out!

Batter gets hit by pitch but doesnt move?

If the Home Plate Umpire rules that the batter did not attempt to avoid being hit, batter does not get the pass to first base.

What is the term for the baseball hit that gets the batter to third base?

a triple

If you hit a batter then walk a batter then someone gets a hit and scores those runners are those runs earned runs?

simply yes.

How do you score a baseball game?

you hit the ball and run to 1st base then continue with the next batter if they hit the bat and it is not caught you will run to second and continue to third.

What happens to sand when it is hit by waves?

it gets wet

Has any pitcher pitched a no hitter in which the only hit was by the first batter?

No, this isn't possible. If the first batter gets a hit, the game can't be a no-hitter.

Does a batter get an rbi if he is hit with the bases loaded?

Yes, a batter gets a RBI through a Hit-by-pitch, walk, or hit if a runner scores on the play due to their plate appearance

What is triple?

When a batter gets a hit and ends up at third base routinely

What happens if a batter is hit in the arm by a ball while swinging?

If the batter is hit in the arm while swinging and he misses the ball the call is a strike.

If a batter hit the ball and bounces off the home plate and the catcher catches it without touching the ground is it an out?

No, as soon as the batter is hit by the ball, the play is considered dead and the batter gets his base.