Best Answer soon as the batted ball touches the runner, the ball is dead.

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Q: If a batted ball hits a runner and pops up in the air and a fielder catches the ball is the batter out also?
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What happens when an advancing runner is hit with a batted ball?

The batter is out unless a fielder touched the ball

Is the batter out in every circumstance when a batted ball hits a baserunner?

No. If a fielder has a legitimate opportunity to make an attempt at the ball, but the ball passes the fielder and then touches the runner, he is not out. The rules state a runner is out when a batted ball touches him before it passes a fielder.

Is the batter out if the base runner touches the ball?

no, but the base runner is out if he is struck by a BATTED ball (but he isn't out if he touches a ball thrown by a fielder)

Does the batter get a hit when the baseball he hits then hits the runner moving from 1st base to 2nd?

If a batted ball that a fielder has no chance to field hits a runner, the runner is called out and the batter is credited with a single.

What is the ruling on a ball hit to a fielder and a runner runs into the fielder?

If a runner runs into a fielder making a play on a batted ball, it is interference, and the runner is out; the ball is dead, the batter is awarded first base, and all other runners return to their last legally occupied base at the time of the pitch, unless forced by the batter. If in the umpire's judgment the interference is flagrant, the batter may also be called out.

When fielding a batted ball the fielder must yield to an advancing runner?

No, it's the other way around. The fielder has the right of way on a batted ball, and the runner must yield to the fielder.

Does the fielder or runner have the right of way?

on a batted ball the fielder has the right of way if the fielder is in the basepath and the ball isn't near him the runner has the right of way

How do you determine a fielder's choice vs base hit?

A fielder's choice is when a fielder has choosen to make an out on another runner on base when he could of gotten the batter/runner out instead. The batter/runner is safe, therefore reaching base via a fielder's choice. Please note that this counts as an at-bat and goes against the batter's batting average.

If a player is in the line of the runner and the runner runs into the player are they out?

If the fielder is attempting to make a play on a batted ball, and the base runner runs into the fielder, then the runner is out. If there is no play to be made on the ball, and the fielder is standing in the base line and is run into by the base runner, then it is interference on the fielder, and the runner is awarded the next base.

Is the batter out when he hits his own player with a hit ball?

No, the batter is not out. The runner could be out though. For example in Little League if the runner touches the ball before it goes by a fielder, the runner is out. (The pitcher does not count as a fielder for the purpose of the rule) The runner is not out if he/she is touching a base.

Is a runner out if a fielder throws the ball and hits the runner?

No. A runner is out if hit by a batted ball but not out if hit by a thrown ball.

What is the difference between a force out and fielder's choice?

It's a judgment call. I think the answer is this: A play is scored as a fielder's choice if, in the official scorer's judgment, the fielder had a clear opportunity to throw the batter/runner out at first, but instead chose to putout another baserunner. So I suppose a batted ball is scored as a force out if the fielder has no realistic chance (in the scorer's eyes) to get the batter/runner out at first and his only choice is to tag another runner or throw to another base.

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