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Q: If a bat hits a ball with a 1000-N force what force does the ball exert on the bat?
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A batter hits a baseball with a bat.the bat exerts a force on the ball.does the ball exert a force on the bat?

Yes, an equal and opposite force.

A high school student hits a nail with a hammer during the collision there is a force?

on the nail and also on the hammer because they exert the same amount of force on eachother.

If a bat hits a ball with 1000 n of force how much force does the ball hit back on the bat?

1000 N as well.

What types of energy is transferred as a ball hits a bat?


What is force with eg?

Force is a concept and is invisible. An example will be that you use to pull apart two magnets that are stuck together. That effort to pull the two magnets apart is a force. When your airplane is taking off, you feel your back is being pushed against your seat. What you are feeling is the force that the seat cushion is applying on you. When you hang a weight on a spring, the spring elongates. A force is applied by the weight on the spring to cause the lengthening of the spring. When you hit a softball, the softball flies away because you exert a force on the bat; the bat hits the ball; the ball stores the kinetic energy and then releases the energy as a force pushing on the ball until the ball leaves the bat.

What are examples of a force?

When a ball moving hits a ball that is at rest and a human pulling out a book from a desk.

When one billboards ball hits another the force the second billboard ball returns to the first is what?


What happens when a girl hits a ball with a bat?

All things being equal, the bat, the ball, the force used etc., the same thing that happens when a boy hits a ball with a bat.

What makes the baseball bat crack when it hits the ball?

The force that is produced while swinging the bat and the throwing of the ball.

If a batted ball hits third base where a force play is possible is the man running to third out?

No, the ball is considered a fair ball and the play continues.

What force causes a baseball bat to break when it hits a thrown baseball?

The force of impact between the baseball bat and the baseball can cause the bat to break due to the combination of factors like the speed and angle of impact, material strength of the bat, and distribution of the force across the bat's surface. If the force exerted on the bat exceeds its strength, it may lead to failure and breakage.

Explain Why the equal action and reaction forces forces do not cancel each other when person hits a ball?

It does work. The force of a person hitting a ball "cancels" out the force of the ball moving and brings it to a stop (to zero). Only then does the ball move in the direction it is hit, due to the overwhelming force applied by the person.