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Out on Player B. Doesnt matter wat the circumstances are, whoever touches it last, out of bounds on them.

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Q: If a basketball is thrown by player A and it hits the body of player B who is standing out of bounds both feet is the ball out on player A or B?
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If you bounce a basketball off the floor into the hoop does it count?

Yes, if the ball is goes in the basket in any way during regulation (with time ticking) and it was not thrown by a person who was standing either out of bounds or committing a foul... it counts !

Do they stop the game in basketball if the ball is thrown ouside of the boundary?

Yes. The clock stops and teams are allowed to substitute players if they want. The referee will hold the ball until play is ready to start and then hand the ball to one of the players who is standing out of bounds so the player can throw the ball inbounds and start play again.

Why does basketball need forces?

Basketball needs forces so the ball is able to be thrown to the ring or another player.

If a football is thrown out of bounds when does the clock stop?

as soon as the ball hits something.

What is a incomplete pass in football?

When a ball is thrown forward but not caught in bounds or dropped and it hits the ground

What is it called when you lose the ball to the other team in basketball?

That is called a turnover. While there are a few ways to turn the ball over (offensive foul, bad pass, other team steal, thrown out of bounds, etc.), all are classified as a turnover.

What are passing yards in football?

When a quarterback throws to an receiver or anyone on offense eligible on then the yards thrown from where the ball was placed and the offense player catches and extends the play until he Is tackled out of bounds or scores

What ball is thrown farthest football baseball basketball?


Why was Cinderella thrown off the basketball team?

she ran away from the ball!

What kind of energy is there when A Basketball is Thrown Towards A Hoop?

Mechanical and Kinetic

What do you call a shot where the basketball is thrown over one shoulder?

A hook shot

In what sport is the ball mostly thrown?

baseball, basketball and football....... one of these i guess

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