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Yes! A loss is still a loss regardless how it happens. That pitcher could ALSO be credited with a no hitter if the run that scored was a result of errors and walks, and no batter successfully hit onto base.

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Q: If a baseball team loses 1-0 but the losing pitcher has no earned runs is he still credited with an L?
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Is it possible to be both the winning losing pitcher in one game of baseball?

No, there is no way possible, but it is possible to be a losing and winning pitcher in one DAY!!!

Who was the losing pitcher in game two of the 2013 World Series?

Boston Red Sox pitcher, John Lackey, was the losing pitcher in Game 2 of the 2013 World Series.

Which mets pitcher is starting June 17 2009?

Tim Redding was the New York Mets starting pitcher on June 17 2009. The Baltimore Orioles beat the Mets 6-4. Redding pitched 5.1 innings gave up 4 earned runs, and did not get a decision. The losing pitcher was Mets pitcher Pedro Feliciano.

Is it possible Be both the winning and losing pitcher in the game?


Who was the losing pitcher of game 4 of 2004 ALCS?

The Red Sox beat the Yankees 6-4 in game 4 of the 2004 ALCS. Paul Quantrill was the losing pitcher.

Who was the losing pitcher in the 1956 World Series?

Sal Maglie

If a pitcher is losing a game in the 4th inning 4-5 and the team never ties the game but ends up losing the game 6-7 who gets the lose the starter or relief pitcher?

The loss is charged to the pitcher who is charged with the go-ahead run whether it is earned or not. The go-ahead run is the tie breaking run which puts the winning team ahead and the other team never catches up for the rest of the game. Peter Gaposchkin

Baseball termanolgy that start with the letterl?

Losing pitcher; losses; line drive, line out; lumber (bat); left fielder; left hander; lefty..maybe others.

Can a pitcher get both a win and a loss in a game?

No. A pitcher cannot leave the game with his team losing and end the game winning. There is a hypothetical where a pitcher is losing a game, the game gets suspended due to rain, the player then gets traded to the other team, and he pitches the resumed game and ends up winning. However, rules of baseball might prevent him playing in a game he'd started for the other team.

Who was the losing pitcher in don larson's perfect game?

Sal Maglie

Longest losing streak by a pitcher?

Anthony Young NY Mets

What pitcher had the most strikeouts in a losing game?

Randy Johnson - 19

Will a starting pitcher still get the win if the bullpen lets the opposing team tie the game but then regains the lead later?

No once the game is tied, the winning and losing pitchers will be determined at that time. The winning pitcher will be the pitcher who pitched the last out of the half inning before his team took the lead for good, and the losing pitcher will be the pitcher who allowed the winning run on base

What one legged baseball player did Jimmy Stewart play?

He starred in "The Stratton Story," the 1949 true story of Chicago White Sox pitcher Monty Stratton, who attempted a baseball comeback after losing a leg because of a hunting accident.

Which player earned final four mvp honors for a losing team?

akeem olajuwon

Is baseball losing popularity?

sadly yes...

What happens when a pitcher leaves losing but the team wins?

The pitcher will have a "no decision" (neither a win nor a loss). In the case where the pitcher leaves for a pinch hitter, and the team rallies to take the lead and hold it for the remainder of the game, that pitcher would be the winning pitcher, provided he pitched the required 5 innings.

Does a walk off refer to the pitcher in the losing team walking off the pitchers mound after the scoring run was made in the bottom of the ninth inning?

The pitcher and the rest of the team.

Do the pitchers' numbers beside the scores at the end of the game represent the winning and losing pitcher?


Is there a way you can create a new profile on playstation network without losing your trophies you have?

No the Trophies belong to the profile that earned them and do not belong to a new profile that did not exist and could not have earned them.

Which baseball team has the longest losing streak?


Does the losing team in baseball get a World Series ring?


Can a relief pitcher receive credit for a hold if his team loses?

No, within the major leagues no pitcher on any losing team shall be granded anything besides a no decision, or a loss.

What is a no no in baseball?

This can be the case for any starting pitcher whether his team is winning, losing, tied at the time he exits the game. Basically the term "No Decision" is used for a starting pitcher that does not record a Win or Loss at the end of the day. This could be because he didnt pitch through the 5th inning making him the official pitcher of record, or it could be any other combination in which the events occurring after he leaves the game makes it to where another pitcher gets the win or loss

How long was the biggest losing streak in baseball history?