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Yes, it would be scored as a single.

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Q: If a baseball player hits a line drive and tries for a double and gets tagged out does it count as a hit?
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In baseball if you hit the ball run pass 1st base and try to reach 2nd base but you get tagged out will it count as a single?


In little League baseball game bases loaded two outs ground ball to first baseman he tagged the runner before he crossed the plate does the run at home count?

of course not

When and where was baseball player Count Campau born?

Count Campau was born October 17, 1863, in Detroit, MI, USA.

When and where did baseball player Count Sensenderfer die?

Count Sensenderfer died May 3, 1903, in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

When and where was baseball player Count Sensenderfer born?

Count Sensenderfer was born December 28, 1847, in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

When and where did baseball player Count Gedney die?

Count Gedney died March 26, 1922, in Hackensack, NJ, USA.

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When and where did baseball player Count Campau die?

Count Campau died April 3, 1938, in New Orleans, LA, USA.

When and where was baseball player Count Gedney born?

Count Gedney was born May 6, 1849, in New York, NY, USA.

Does run count if crosses plate before third out at first?

The run doesn't count if the out at first is a force out, if the batter overruns first base and is tagged out in an attempt to get back to first then the run would count.

What are baseball player Count Gedney's physical stats?

Count Gedney is 5 feet 9 inches tall. He weighs 140 pounds.

What are baseball player Count Sensenderfer's physical stats?

Count Sensenderfer is 5 feet 9 inches tall. He weighs 170 pounds.

When did baseball player Count Campau play?

Count Campau debuted on July 7, 1888 and played his final game on July 17, 1894.

Does the run count if the the runner crosses home before the final out is committed on a runner who is tagged running to first base?

Yes it does count because the runner crossed home before the final out.!

Is it a hit if the runner running to 3rd base gets tagged out but there is no force?

No. This would be a fielders choice and would not count as a hit for the batter.

When there is 2 outs if a man on third scores but the man running to first is tagged out does the run count?

The run always counts no matter what.

What are baseball player Count Campau's physical stats?

Count Campau is 5 feet 11 inches tall. He weighs 160 pounds. He bats left and throws right.

If the bases are loaded 1 out ground ball double play does the run count?

No. In a standard ground out double play, where all outs are force outs, no runs can score on the play. If however the force was removed before completing the double play -- for example the out was achieved at first base and then another runner was tagged out -- then the run counts assuming the runner crossed the plate before the third out was recorded.

With runners on first and third the batter hits a ground ball to the second baseman who tags the runner going to second base before he reaches it does the run count?

Not if that is the 3rd out in the inning...even if he tagged him after the runner reached home... now if the runner over ran the bag and was then tagged the run would count... But in the case of a force out or fielders choice to end the inning the run would not count. It doesn't matter whether the out was recorded by stepping on the base or by tagging the runner. The important thing is that the runner did not reach the base to which he was forced to run. The same would be true if the batter was tagged out while running to first.

Runners on first and third 1 out fly ball caught by outfielder runner on third tags up but runner on first is stealing and gets tagged out but after runner from third scores does run count?

One Answer:No the run does not count because the runner crossed home plate after the third out was made.Another Answer:I read the question differently: "...runner on 1st is stealing and gets tagged out but after [the] runner from 3rd scores..."If the runner from 3rd scores before the runner from 1st is tagged out, the run counts.

When they count how many burgers McDonalds has sold does a double burger count as one or two?


Is a doble hit illegal in beach volleyball?

Double touch is illegal unless the player touching the ball blocked it. Blocks don't count as a touch.

Is double dribble in basketball a foul?

Yes, double dribbles and travels count as fouls.

In softball if a runner on 3rd scores before a batter running to 1st is tagged instead of the fielder touching 1st base does the run count?

As long as it isn't the third out.

Runners on first and third one out fly ball caught and runner on first goes to second without tagging up and is thrown out at first does the run count?

No. On any play if there is a force out on any base, the run scoring does not count. If the runner on first tagged up and then was tagged out at second, while trying to advance, and the runner touched home plate before the runner was tagged out at second then the run would have counted. The above answer is incorrect. The run does count because it is technically not a force out. It goes under the off the base category. The runner is returning to the bag, he is not forced to proceed to the next bag which negates the run from scoring.