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home run

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Q: If a ball is hit outside the 3rd baseline, what is it called?
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Any ball that goes outside the 1st and 3rd baselines?

If the ball had any contact whatsoever on or within the baseline, it is fair. Otherwise, it's a foul and counted as a strike, but a foul cannot strike you out.

What baseline is the Baltimore Orioles dugout on at camden yard?

the first base side dugout is the oriole's.

If a baserunner steals 3rd base and must zig-zag around the shortstop and 3rd baseman who are lined up directly in the baseline should an obstruction be called?

I believe if either one is directly in the baseline, that is indeed interference (the runner is awarded the base). Obstruction can only be called if the runner makes contact with one of the fielders. If he zig-zags around them without drawing contact then he can be called out for going out of the baseline.

If you hit the ball outside of the foul lines what is the ball called and what happens?

If this all takes place before the ball reaches 1st or 3rd base, you have to wait until the ball comes to rest or is touched by a defensive player. Then, if it is in fair territory at that time, it is a fair ball. If it is in foul territory at that tome, it is a foul ball. If a fly ball hits outside the foul line beyond 1st base or 3rd base, it is a foul ball.

What baseline is the sf giants dugout?

3rd base side

What is the Width of the baseline runner baseball?

The width of the baseline is irrelevant if applied correctly. The outside of the foul line should be even with the outside of the 1st and 3rd base bag in a straight line from home plate (with home plate being in fair territory) to the fence. The key to putting a foul line down is making it wide enough that it is visible from all points on the field so a ball can be clearly seen if fair or foul. Most common foul lines are around 4 inches in width, but like i said this is irrelevant to the game play if applied correctly ---Tigersy2k3

Are they making a new Dragon Ball evolution?

yes but it will be called dragon ball revoulution and the 3rd one is just dragon ball Z

Is it called a ball when the softball hits the ground in front of home plate?

In most cases this is called a ball. If the batter swings at the ball and misses, however, the pitch is called a strike. If the player swings and gets on base, the ball is obviously not called anything.

When was the first cannon ball made?

The first cannon ball was made in the 3rd century BC in a place called Alexandra

What do you call the line drawn in baseball from 1st to 2nd to 3rd and home again?


Ball goes out before completely going over the base is it fair?

if a batted ball bounces in the infield and crosses over any part of 1st or 3rd base it is to be ruled a fair ball. If the ball has not bounced on the infield, the call is made depending on where it first touches the ground. if in fair territory or on the line it is a fair ball, outside the line is a foul ball. Any ball that physically hits 1st or 3rd base is a fair ball

Can a base runner stand behind 3rd base to get a running start?

No, behind third base would be considered out of the base path. When you go out of the base path it is an automatic out.The runner is out by rule for getting "a running start" such as on a tag-up after a caught fly ball. The baseline has nothing to do with this play. A runner is out for going out of the baseline only if avoiding a tag.