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If a NFL Coach wins the challenged play, he still loses one of his two challenges. If both challenges succeed, then the team is awarded a third challenge.

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Q: If a NFL coach wins a challenge does he keep or lose that challenge?
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If a NFL coach wins a challenge does he still lose 1 of his 2 challenge or does he get to keep them both?

An NFL coach must win both challenges in order to gain a third.

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Coach's Challenges Per GameEach coach gets 2 challenges per game, but during the last 2 minutes of each half only the booth may challenge. If both challenges are successful, the coach is given a third challenge.Note, you can only challenge a play if you have a timeout remaining, so if a coach uses all his timeouts in the first minute of the 1st quarter, he cannot challenge the rest of the half (until he gets new timeouts at the start of the 3rd quarter), even if he still has both challenges remaining.Each team is allowed two challenges, however during the final two minutes of each half and any overtimes, reviews are iniated by the replay official. If a team wins both its challenges, they are allowed a third challenge.

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