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NO. a standing tuck is a level four and a half is not very good cause you wont really get that many points for a half sorry for your luck but no.

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Q: If I have a Standing tuck but it's not consistent and a round off back handspring half of a full Is that enough skill to be on level five cheer team?
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Can you be a cheerleader if you can't do a back handspring?

it depends where u want to cheer. for grade school squads a back handspring is not required. however, once u get into the high school level it depends on whether the squad competes or not. in college a back handspring is most likely going to be required, if not something greater, such as a round off back handspring back tuck or layout

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Cheerleading for girls 5 and upwards within the Manchester area?

Bolton wanderers football club has a cheer-leading squad and when you are old enough and good enough you can cheer on the pitch! the older squad is called Reebok rebels.

How is cheerleading judged or scored?

If you are trying out for cheerleading, there will probably be a clinic where they teach you a cheer and a dance. When the clinic is over they will ask you to show the judges your flexibility, standing tumbling, running tumbling, jumps, stunting, and perform your cheer and dance.

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== == I in the cheer team in japan heres a cheer! Were the mighty (mascots name) with trouble with a capital T(WHAT, WHAT)! T-R-O-U-B-L-E! SOOOO DON'T YA MESS WITH ME!(CLAP) the do some backandspring,handspring,toe touches,splits.or do a pyrmid!

Where is there a high school which has a cheer squad?

Almost all High Schools have Cheer Squads. If they don't it is most likey because they didn't have enough interest during tryout or that the don't have anyone that is willing to coach it.

What is the training experience and education needed to be a cheerleader?

To answer your question, it depends what cheer leading program you are deciding to attend. School's cheer leading, seems to only expect good jumps and maybe to throw a good back handspring, don't forget to have A LOT of spirit for your school! Any other gymnastics/cheer organization, I can't really say because I don't know all the expectations but I'll rank them if you know what "level" this place expects: level1: jumps, cartwheels, and small stunts and beginning tumbling. level2: level1+more advanced stunts and higher quality performance. possibly splits. level3: level1&2+a back handspring or back walkover. level4:level1,2&3 and a back tuck and maybe a front hand spring (NOTE=all on ground). level5: all the levels but more advanced stunts with more complex tumbling

What is the duration of Cheer Boys Cheer?

The duration of Cheer Boys Cheer is 1.4 hours.

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Cheer Extreme Allstars was created in 1993.

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