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There is no sport called ice skiing but there is ice skating and snow skiing.

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Q: Ice ski in the sentence like I am ski with my friend?
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How do you use ski in a sentence?

I would like to ski except that I am afraid that I will get hurt .

Can you ski on ice?

Yes, but not like skating. If the ski hill gets icy, you can still carve over it, as long as your edges are sharp.

Can you water ski on frozen ice?


Which game in Club Penguin has a shark in it?

Ice Fishing at the Ski Lodge at the Ski Village

How Can you get a boygirl friend on wii ski?


In club penguin what game has a shark in it?

the ice fishing game is in the Ski Lodge at ski village

What does ski Jackson look like?

Who does ski Jackson look like

What are the nouns in the sentence Tourists often go to the mountains to ski?

The nouns are tourists and mountains.The word 'ski' is both a noun and a verb, but in this sentence it is a verb.

In the following sentence 'Their ski poles guided them safely' what is the adjective?

The adverb is safely because it is DESCRIBING how the ski poles guided them, which is an action. There is no adjective in this sentence.

Where is the Ice Fishing game in Club Penguin?

The Ice Fishing game is in the Ski Lodge in Club Penguin. A quick way to get there is to open the Map and click on Ski Village.

What is the best way to ski through ice?

I ski almost every weekend and I have found out the best way to ski through ice is to go slow and don't try to stop or turn you will most likely crash. Glad I could help

How do people have fun in Alaska?

We like to ski, snowboard, dog-sled, ice-fish, snowmobile, hike, ice skate. There isn't any malls anywhere but Anchorage so we like to do most of our activities outside.

What is a ski bowl?

a ski bowl is a face on the mountain that looks like a bowl and you can ski in it

How do you get fish in club penguin?

You can go Ice Fishing at the Ski Lodge.

What activities can one do at Ski Cervinia?

Ski Cervinia is a ski resort in Italy. It has both beginner and intermediate ski slopes. There are many other activities available including skiing, including bowling and ice skating.

Why do people go to the alps to ski?

people go to the alps to ski because they like to ski

Do you have to take a course to ski instruct?

not to go up and teach a friend but if you want to actually be a ski instructor you have to as well as an exam

How do you keep warm in the snow and ice?

Layer and use hand warmers. I would also suggest ski pants and ski gloves.

How is ski is pronounce norwegian?

SKI - S - ch(like in charlotte) - e (Like in free)

What is a good sentence for avalanche?

There was a big avalanche on top of the ski hill

What is the voice of the verb in this sentence The ski slopes are groomed daily?


What is an easy sentence for slope?

Ski slopes get slippery when used a lot.

What is a good sentence the word sloped?

I learned to ski on the bunny slope.

What is ski biscuiting?

A ski biscuit is a type of inflatable ring. You tow the ski biscuit behind the boat, sit on the ski....(basically like waterskiing!)

Which one of these games has a shark in it?

Club Penguin. Go to Ski Village>Ski Lodge>Gone Fishing Door. The game is called Ice Fishing.