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My record is 125 seconds and I'm 15!

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Q: Iam 15 year boy what must be my record in 800m race?
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What is the fastest time for a 13 year old boy in a 800m race?

I'm 13yrs old and I run it in 2.16

Is 233 in the 800m a good time for a 14 year old boy in his first race?

Yes. It's not elite, but it's not bad.

What did an English swimmer achieve in the Olympics?

19-year-old Rebecca Adlington won 2 gold medals, one in the 800m freestyle (in which she also broke a 19-year old world record by 2 seconds), and the other in the 400m freestyle. Jo Jackson won bronze in the latter race as well.

Middle school 800m record?

Jean Baptiste Tooley ran 2:01.81 at the 2011 Portland CYO Meet of Champions as a 14 year old 8th grader.

What is the 9 year old boy half mile run record?

Age nine I don't know, but the "Bantam" record for ten year olds and under is 2:19.0. The Australian national record for 800m for a 10yo boy is about 2.18-2.19. Actually I just checked and it's 2.15.6 set in 1993. That is pretty extraordinary.

What is the fastest a 10 year old has run 3 miles?

There is no official record for ten year olds because there is not a national race, but you could get the record at your school. In 7th grade there is a cross country team and they race for two miles and when you get to highschool it increases to two.

800m time for a 15 year old girl?

hmmm maybe under three, If your talking about someone who runs. For someone who doesnt run probably low threes

What is average time for 12 year old girl to run 800m?

Hi I'm a 14yr old girl and run the mile and 800m at track meets. An average time for a 12 yr old girl would probably be 3 mins 30 secs for the 800m.

What is the fastest 800m time for a 13 year old?


What is a good time for a 10 year old in 800m?

hi i am ten and i always do 800m my PB is 2.44.09 but the best in the world is 2.30 something but an avrage time is just over 3 mins.

What is the fastest mile time for an 8 year old girl?

There is no official record for eight year old girls because there is not a national race, but you could get the record at your school. Most track meets now include the 1500 m race instead of the 1600 m (mile) race.The current USATF record for an 8 year old girl is 5:24. To check national race results for an 8 year old female (sub-bantum) in the 1500, go to the USA Track and Field website, You can check race results at the state, regional, or national level.

Average time for a 16 year old boy in 800m?

A good time is about 2:15s

How old does a horse have to be to race in the Kentucky Derby?

It must be a three year old.

What is a good time for an average 15 year old boy in the 800m?

Beetween 2.20 mins and 3.30 mins I would have to say I would expect a 15 year old to be running a lot faster than 3.00 minutes for 800m !

How fast should a 13 year old girl run the 800m?

Since a 800m is half a mile anywhere 3:45-below is good for a 13 year old girl (that would be estimating around a 7:00/7:15 minute mile)

How can you use prepare in a sentence?

I must prepare for the test by studying. You must prepare for the race. You must prepare for your presentation. I must prepare for the beginning of the school year by getting supplies.

What is the average 800m time for twelve year olds?

around 2:20 and 2:50

Who won the year 8 800m at the duston school in 13709?

well the person that came first

What is the average 800m time for eleven year olds?

well I'd say 3.30m to 4.00m

How fast does a ten year old run?

Depends on the distance, for 800m as a ten year old I can run 2:29 as a PB.

What is a good time to run 800m in for a 10 year old girl?

3-4 minutes give or take. I'm not sure how old this question (and the answers are) but the info isn't at all accurate. From someone who is in the middle of the junior olympic circuit for track, and the father of a 10 year old girl who runs the 800m, I can offer some accuracy here. First off, when you ask what's a good 800m time, I would start with what's good in elementary school meets around the country. In those races, a 3 minute 800m will generally win the race. When you compete regionally and nationally among the fastest 10 year old girls in the country, a 3 minute 800m isn't competitive. In those races, you'll see the very fastest 10 year old girls running 2:30. It should be noted that there are very few of these girls. Then between 2:35 and 2:40 are the next tier of runners. These girls are extremely fast, and arguably elite runners, but they're just a few seconds behind the truly fastest. So a 3 minute 800m is quite good, but it's really relative to the level you want to compare it to.

What is the average time for a 800m run for a 14 year old?

5 mins No, to get five minutes would be an obese child hahaha, im 14 and my record for the 800 is 2:18 and im only the second best runner on my team.

Is 3min 2sec a good time for a 12 year old 800M beginner?

Yes, very good mine is 3min 20s and i am 12. I know someone who is 12 years old and he ran 800m in 2min 45s.

Is 2 minutes and 44 seconds a good 800m time for a 14 year old girl?

Yeah i think its really good. I'm a 13 year old girl and my personal best for the 800m is 2.50.

What is a good time for 800m for a 11 year old girl?

Well I'd say about 3.00m to 4.00m