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The tenth digit in the vin identifies the year. The "t" in your vin identifies your bike as a 1996.

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Q: I need to know the year of this Suzuki RM 125 vin js1rf15a3t2101677?
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I need to no the year of this suzuki rm 125 vin js1rf15a3t2101677?

1996 SUZUKI RM125

How do I know the year of your Suzuki 300?

You don't because I don't have a Suzuki 300. Maybe you should ask "How do I know the year of my Suzuki 300/"

What are the suzuki ATV vin codes? need to know the year a bike was built

What year was the Suzuki GS1000 first introduced?

The Suzuki GS1000 is a motorcycle manufactured by the Suzuki company. The Suzuki GS1000 motorcycle was first introduced in the year 1997 in America and Japan.

How do you know the year of a Suzuki rm 125 engine?

10th digit in on the vin trouble is finding the vin!

How fast will a suzuki 250r go?

it depents on year i know that the 85-86 can get up to 80-90 mph

What model and year is Suzuki engine number J438-105503?

Suzuki Tu250X model. Year pass.

What year is your 1988 Suzuki RM 80 with the serial number d106-112458?

First, if you know it is a 1988 RM why are asking for the year. Second, it must be a 17 digit vin number to decode what year it is (if you didn't know if was a 1988 already).

VIN is jsaaj47a0n2102377 what year is the Suzuki?

1992 SUZUKI LT-F250

The year of your suzuki rm 125 vinjs1rf15c4x2101789?

1999 SUZUKI RM125

What year is my Suzuki DR 250 with VIN number J428-100482?

What year is my Suzuki DR 250 with VIN NumberSJ45A102114

What transmission is in a Silverado SS?

Need to know the year. Edit:No need to know the year actually, They were all 4L65E's

What year is suzuki rm 125 vin JS1RF14A2R2102118?

1994 SUZUKI RM125

What is the year and model for suzuki ATV VIN 5saap41a667101044?

2006 Suzuki LTA700XK5

What year is suzuki engine serial k707-120763?

no this is suzuki GSXR 400

What year is your suzuki 250 fourwheeler model number jsaaj11a4f2100222?

1985 Suzuki LT250R

What year is a suzuki 250 quad jsaaj4749l2101031?

Please contact your Local Suzuki dealer

What is the year of my Suzuki 4 wheeler?

Suzuki is a manufacturer of motorcycles, motocross bikes and 4 wheelers. Suzuki started making 4 wheelers in 1983 with the introduction of the Suzuki LT125.

Will a Suzuki RF 600 fairing fit on a Suzuki Katana from any year?

Will a Suzuki RF 600 fairing fit on a Suzuki Katana

Where and when maruti suzuki compny established and who is the founder of the compny?

Suzuki began in 1909 as Suzuki Loom Works, a privately owned company created by 22-year old Michio Suzuki.

What is the year and model for Suzuki ATV VIN number jsaaj45a8v2101299?

1997 Suzuki LT-4wd

What year is this suzuki gsxr engine N723-11522?

N is 599 cmc7 is 4 pistonsand 23 i don`t know what it is?how do i find year?

What year is your Suzuki gsx?

The tenth character of the VIN is the manuacture year.

What years of a Chevy S-10 truck parts are interchangeable?

Need to know what year you are working with.

Where is the ebcm on a suburban?

Need to know the year.