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No. Leave your filter running at least 8 hours per day, longer if your pool appears cloudy.

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Q: I have a 33 foot pool with 28000 gal. of water. Does the pool pump have to run all the time?
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How can you return water out of your pump into the pool?

By throwing the pump into the pool

What size of pool pump do you need for a thirty foot round pool?

More info. How many gallons water? What is the size of the filter? Any other factors that you can include? Ken

Your pool pump is not circulating water?


What is the name of pump that you can pump water out of a pool or ditch?

A Bilge Pump is what it is referred to on ships when you pump water over board. Trash pump.

Swimming pool losing water?

If no water is visible around pump/filter mechanism then there is a crack somewhere in the pool or pipes leading to and from pump/filter.

How do i keep my in ground swimming pool from holding water?

Pump the water out or put a cover over the pool.

What is the difference between pool booster pump and circulation pump?

The circ pump is used to circulate the water thru the filter. The booster pump is for running the pool sweeper.

Will it damage the pool pump or filter to let the water level drop?

So long as there is water coming through the pump when it is running it doesnt matter what the water level in the pool is.

Can you unfill a pool?

Sure you can. Just pump out the water

What size pump do you need for a 18 x 33 foot pool?

1.5 hp

How long to run a above ground pool filter pump?

I have a above ground pool from wal-mart 15 foot round 4 foot deep metal frame. How many hours a day should I run the filter pump? Also can I buy a more powerfull pump that want tear the pool up?

Is it normal for the pool pump to fill up with water while the pool is still filling up?

Certainly, if the pump is running. The primary pump intake is the main drain at the deepest part of the pool.

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