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Very possible. But you may be pushed off the squad by girls who can tumble. But, if you have the splits, backbends, roundoffs, cartwheels, motions, and high kicks down you will be o.k.

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Q: I don't have any tumbling is cheerleading in college possible?
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Can you be a cheerleader and dont know how to do flips?

I think that is possible. I mean it depends how old you are and how competitive you are. Like a middle school cheerleader might not know how to do one but i am sure that all college cheerleaders do.

What is the same about cheerleading and gymnastics?

It's NOT!!!! I personally think that gymnastics is much harder than cheerleading. I did gymnastics since i was small. I made it on team when i was 7, but decied not to join, cause it seemed time consuming. But gymnastics, you have to be very strong, flexible, not scared to try new stuff, and balanced. In gymnastics you have vaut, beam, bars,and floor. In cheer you have cheers, dance, tumbling and stunting. Plus you don't wear shoes in gymnastics. They are the same because they both have tumbling, and they both learn routines, and that's about it.

Do you need to know gymnastics to do cheerleading?

From me being a Cheerleader myself you do not have to know how to do a Kart Wheel to be on a squad or to do Cheerleading. Some people only cheer instead of doing all of the flips. Actually I dont think you even really use a Kart Wheel in Cheerleading I never have. So if you are trying out for a squad and you cant do a Kart Wheel dont stress out most likely they wont even ask you if you can do one or not!

What is a leap in cheerleading?

you dont do leaps in cheerleading only in dance but maybe like a jump or something

What age should you join cheerleading?

There's no single specific number of hours, but I would recommend as much as possible. When you consider that cheerleading is made up of dance, tumbling, flexibility, jumps, and stunting skills, it's obvious that it takes a while to practice all of those. I'd recommend at least 2 or 3 hours of practice a week with your team, plus you should stretch, exercise, and practice on your own as much as possible.

Miley Cyrus fav sport?

cheerleading it has to be dont it

How do you get thin for college cheerleading?

Its important to keep fit and healthy for cheerleading but you dont want to get over the top with being really thin and fragile because there is no point. If you are good at cheerleading and say 120 kilos and you are able to do everything really well, they would rather put you on the squad than someone who is 35 kilos, fragile and doesn't have as much determination.

Would the sky tumble and fall be a metaphor?

it depends, if you say, the sky was tumbling and falling all over, then yes, if you say, the sky was tumbling and falling.... well.... a metaphor compares 2 things so it depends, to me i dont think so but... if you think that compares, the sky and tumbling and falling then yes. maybe if you put what it was tumbling and falling like then that would definatly work, dont forget not to use like or as... The sky was tumbling and falling down a tornado of earth.

Why is cheerleading the most dangerious sport?

Cheerleading results in 66% of women's catastrophic injuries, however due to the fewer number of male participants, there are no statistics on men. In the category of Non Extreme Sports(Extreme sports being street luge, bull riding, heli skiing...) Cheerleading is currently the 3rd most dangerous sport in the world, only under Rugby and Cave Diving. This is because of the stunting and tumbling elements. These involve lifting or throwing a girl sometimes as high as 40 feet in the air. Tumbling is gymnastics which can cause injury if the technique is not proper

Is cheerleading a good sport for kids?

Cheerleading is great sport for kids. I used to do cheerleading and I had an amazing time. Most people dont think that cheerleading is a very athletic sport, but there's alot more to cheerleaders than screaming and jumping

What is the big idea of cheerleading?

Cheerleading is a big idea! Cheerleading is HARD work, you dont even know! its not just looking pretty and cute in short skirts and belly tops. It's cheering your team on.

How did womans' cheerleading start?

Well I dont think theres just a womens cheerleading because a man (Johnny Campbell) was the first person to start cheering.