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Hey shoot me a Private message. What kind of award and what kind of sport?

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โˆ™ 2009-02-24 21:11:33
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Q: I do sports leaders award and i was wondering if anyone had any game suggestions?
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To re-design the new sports centre, the owners asked the public for suggestions.

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Who is a Leaders in sports?

captains like in football etc

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There are captains and assistant captains.

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If you mean, what percentage of sports leaders are Jewish, then there are no known statistics on this subject.

How sports resemble to politics?

They both have leaders or captains You have to work together.

Physically challanged people in the field of sports?

sure i think anyone can play sports

What skills sports leaders have?

Nothing different than other sports players. they are just better or more experienced at that sport

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a sports bag is a bag in which a sports player or anyone can put football boots their towel and even a jumper and a body

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I was wondering this aswell but unfortunately after some research I've found out that you cant.

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BBC Sports covers a wide range of sports, including football, cricket, rugby, and more. One can find scoring leaders, updated standings, scores, and more.

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There is no exact number as anyone with a sporting ability is classified as a sports person.

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The god's didn't play sports, they believed that it is a waste of time, but i am only talking about God, the Christianity Holy Spirit, the Greeks Gods and goddesses. I don't know much about the Hebrew Leaders and the Jewish leaders.

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scuba diving

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Hello everybody! I decided to get my body in shape to look 100% in the summer! Has anyone used sports nutrition? Can you recommend a proven brand of sports nutrition?

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shane shillingford in dominica,bolt in jamaica.

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Any sports are good sports ... for anyone. You don't have to be a tomboy to be good at sports! Try learning a little about different types of sports and see which ones are most interesting to you! You can google anything and learn more about it.

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Me not anyone else JUST ME!!!!!!!!

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anyone can apply but i do not know what age you have to be to apply

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