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try state farm they might sponsor you

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Q: I am a pro golfer and I need a sponsor. Does anyone know of someone that would like to sponsor me?
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Who would sponsor a pro golfer?

Nike, pretty much. they sponger Tiger Woods.

Can you be a confirmation sponsor if you are not confirmed?

No, you would need to be confirmed to be a sponsor.

Explain why no one would be able to hear a golfer on the moon shout 'four'?

First off, the distance between earth and the moon would be too great for anyone on earth to hear it. But even a person right next to the golfer would not hear him, because there is no atmosphere for sound waves to travel through.

What does it mean when someone says they are a feel golfer?

You have picked probably the hardest phrase in golf to explain. Feel is always used to describe the short game (wedge play and putting). Say there is two golfers, each have a 50 foot putt, the first golfer, reads the putt, reads the speed and focuses on his stroke mechanics and then hits the putt, that is a good example of no feel. The second golfer, would look at the target, see how much it breaks, judge the speed and then stroke the ball to the target because he has essentially felt how to do so, this is a feel golfer. Another example would be, if the golfers had a 30 yard pitch, the feel golfer would set up and judge how to hit it, whereas a non feel golfer would be thinking how hard to hit it. The feel golfer just knows.

What do you get when you are sponsored?

when you get sponsored you have to wear the sponsor's shirt for advertising and you can make your own skateboards and it has to have the sponsor's name on it so you can make money off of your board sponsor,clothing sponsor,wheel sponsor,truck sponsor,and shoe sponsor anything else that you would need in skateboarding has to have the company you are sponsored by and the name of it no matter what and if you dont like the sponsor simply quit and join another sponsor

What do you call a golfshot that shoots right?

If you are a right handed golfer it's a slice, for a lefthanded golfer it would be a hook.

Where would one go to sponsor a christian child?

One place to sponsor a child is ChildFund International. it is only twenty eight dollars a month to sponsor a child and you can correspond with the child you sponsor.

How do you ask someone older out?

I would think you would ask someone older then you out the same way that you'd ask anyone else out.

How much do you need to golf to be considered an avid golfer?

Everyday! Well there is no set limit, an avid golfer is someone who plays all the time, eats, sleeps and breathes golf and never stops talking about it. Maybe a few times of week would be enough.

When someone is stealing from you?

Call the police like anyone else would do?

Do I like someone?

You would know better than anyone else.

When someone asks you if you were desperate what do they mean?

They are asking if you would do basically anything for a date. of if you are so desperate for someone that you would date almost anyone

How do you change sponsor in skate for PS3?

You cannot change your sponsor in skate. If you wanted to change your sponsor you would need to start a new game. However, in Skate 2 you can change your board sponsor whenever you like.

What is the past tense form of Frank is your sponsor?

The past tense would be Frank was your sponsor.

Small firms that sponsor series 7 test?

Hello , I would like to obtain my Series 7 Test , must I have a sponsor to take the test ? If so , any suggestions on a firm that would sponsor ? Thanks , George

Where can you buy a hat like Jackie Gleason wore in The Golfer?

i am also looking for the same hat - if anyone has any thoughts about where to get one would you please share it? i would like to buy one in time for Christmas 2008

Does anyone have a free halo reach flaming helmet code?

why would someone do that!

How do you write a letter to my uncle asking him to sponsor my travelling abroad?

I don't think my uncle would sponsor your travels.

What company would sponsor a cheerleader or cheerleading team?

A big sponsor is degree girl, another one is varsity.

Can a confirmation sponsor be married by civil judge?

No, the Church requires that a sponsor be a practicing Catholic. A person married outside the Church would not be in full communion with the Church and could not be a sponsor.

Who is a famous golfer from Scotland?

Probably the most famous golfer at the minute would be Colin Montgomerie, he is the 2010 Ryder Cup captain for Europe.

If you could be anyone who would you be?

i would be someone famous, someone who is physically fit, probably single, young, and somewhat the opposite of me honestly i would be jessica biel

How do you suduce someone?

i have never suduced anyone BUT if i wanted to seduce someone i would start by not asking about it on wikianswer

Is there a process for a non-relative to sponsor an illegal alien?

The only way to sponsor a non-relative would be through a work visa if the sponsor owns a company (or have them come work for them - not easy).

Who was the first golfer to be knighted?

That would be Henry Cotton in 1987.