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if you want a 2 stroke get a yz125 or cr125 for track riding if you want a 4 stroke get a yz250f or cr250f. If you are just doing trail riding i would recommend the xr200 its a great starter bike.

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โˆ™ 2009-08-14 17:28:44
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Q: I am 5'6 and 130 every body is telling me to get a 85cc dirt bike i no how to clutch to what should i get?
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How old should you be to ride a 85cc motocross bike?

10- 15

How tall is a 85CC?

there all different.

What is the fastest 85cc in the world?

The RM85

How much would a 85cc suzuki 2 stroke dirt bike cost?

Base price for a 2008 RM 85cc was $3099.

What is cc is toms motorbike?

125cc 85cc

Do you have to shift on a dirt bike 85cc?


Were can you buy a cheap 85cc motocross bike?


How can i convince my Mum and Dad to let me get a dirt bike and what type should i get i am tall?

tell them why you love this sport and if your tall get an 85cc or 125cc

How fast does a 85cc dirt bike go?


How much horsepower does a 85cc dirt bike have?

10000000000000000000 hp

How fast will a ktm 85cc go?

It can go 60 mph.

What size dirt bike for a 4ft 9 boy get?

a 85cc

How tall should you be to ride a a YZ125?

I have recently moved up from the 85cc to the 125cc and i am 5 foot 11 or about 180cm tall, it fits me perfectly.

What is 2008 Yamaha yz 85cc top speed?

25 mph

What is the fastest motorcycle for 85cc?

the ktm 85sx. it beats all of the others

How big is an big wheel 85cc motocross bike?

about as big as they always was

Is there a motocross class for 13 year olds?

65cc 85cc supermini

Is there a kids dirt bike for 100 pound or less?

yes the 85cc

Where can one buy a Kawasaki KX 85cc?

The Kawasaki Kx 85cc is a newer model of modern motorcycle and off road vehicle and can be bought at many Kawasaki licensed motor vehicle dealerships.

Can a 100cc 4 - stroke dirt bike race against 85cc dirt bikes?

No we can't use 100cc 4 -stroke dirt bike race against 85cc dirt bikes.

For what weight is an 85cc motocross bike made for?

up to approximately 120 pounds.

How fast does a Yamaha 85cc 2 stroke go?

With bands they can go 80

What motorbike should i ride. i am roughly 5''1 and weigh roughly 7 stone. i am 14 and in need of desperate help. i think i should get a 85cc but dont know if i will grow out of it to quickly. i help?

learn on the 85cc after a few years riding get a bigger bike. If you dont learn how to ride on your first bike you'll never really learn proper riding. Smaller bikes easier to learn.

What is the fastest 85cc dirt bike?

a yz 85 because it has a big top end

What race classes can a thirteen year old race motocross?

prefferably the 85cc class